Recently On... Netflix

Wednesday, March 06, 2019
I'm sure most people can agree that Netflix can be a bit of a mind field so having some recommendations may help you choose what to watch next time you're scrolling through the many options they have on there. I've recently seen a couple of things on Netflix and decided to share them here.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Is it just me or is there a huge emerging trend in tidying up lately? I've come across so many Instagram accounts and people running small businesses where they literally tidy up other people's homes. 

Marie Kondo is from Japan, a country known for it's minimalist way of living. In Marie Kondo's series 'Tidying Up", she comes into people's homes of all different backgrounds and stories and teaches them the importance of organising their spaces more efficiently, decluttering and learning better ways of storage. She's kind of like a tiny (she really is tiny) little fairy that comes in and waves her magic tidying wand. I won't lie, it is strange in parts, when Marie finds a spot in the house, introduces herself to the house and talks to it (eh...) but I can't help but find the whole show totally therapeutic and motivating to watch.

So far I've only seen a couple but the episode with recently widowed Margie was by far the hardest episode to watch yet so empowering. Margie was such an incredibly brave candidate to come on the show and finally declutter her house of her late husbands clothes and some belongings, and created a whole new arts and crafts room for herself. Some parts had me in tears! Marie Kondo is also the famous author behind Spark Joy and The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying and is becoming hugely popular in America too. In fact you can even become a Marie Kondo consultant, no really. A must watch if you need some tips and motivation on being more tidy and organised in your home life.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

This was kind of one of those films that it's so bad it's so good. This really is the old school 'rom com' reminiscing the likes of Mean Girls, 13 going on 30 and other films alike. Sierra is the unpopular but super smart girl at school and doesn't fit the typical standard of physical beauty. She's regularly taunted by Veronica, thee it girl of the school and she takes it one step further by giving the cute guy in school Sierra's number, instead of hers, leading Sierra to think hot guy is interested in her, even though he thinks he's texting Veronica...still following?

Eventually somehow along the way Veronica and Sierra become friends despite the odds, as Sierra promises to help her with her school work and tries to keep texting the hot guy. Whilst there are many problematic issues raised throughout the film (just read this article here), it for me felt more like a cringe comedy than anything else and just highly unrealistic with a script that was a bit all over the place. I must have face palmed after every scene in this film it was that cringe worthy, but kind of still enjoyable...if that makes sense? If you like bad rom coms, cheesy lines and Noah Centineo then you will enjoy this!

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

In one of my older posts, I talked about my favourite rom coms of the noughties and was wondering if they were becoming a dying genre but I'm glad to see Netflix is reviving it! Sometimes you just want to watch a cheesy film and this one ticks all the boxes. Lead protagonist Lara Jean is quite happy to keep herself to herself, avoid telling any boy she likes them and live in her own little world, until her little sister finds several letters written by Lara, addressed to the five boys she likes/liked and posts them to each guy. 

Suddenly her quiet existence at school is turned upside down. One letter is addressed to Josh, Lara's sisters ex and to Peter (Noah Centineo, again!), the hottest guy in school, no really, he's beautiful. She decides to get involved in a fake relationship with Peter to reassure Josh she has no interest in him, while Peter can make his ex-girlfriend jealous. Of course, they eventually both develop real feelings for one another and things become a bit tangled. TATBILB (abbreviation needed) is a heart-warming, funny, down-to-earth rom com with a fun soundtrack, beautifully shot and plenty to keep you entertained...kind of like a dream you had as a teenager that you didn't want to end.


Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa star in this contemporary millennial love story as Martin and Gabi, who find love via a social media hook up, very much like Tinder. The movie navigates relationships and how they keep that initial and exciting spark alive from the beginning, and not being tempted by something potentially 'better' around the corner, which apps like Tinder sort of encourage. In Newness, the couple’s fear of keeping things fresh pushes them to be candid about their romantic fantasies and secret crushes. Together the couple resolve to give each other permission to flirt with other people, even having sex with them, as long as they maintain their commitment to one another and don't keep any secrets. It explores the complexities of monogamy well but kind of drags on, for over two hours and you kind of get the point long before the end of the story. However, I thought both performances were well portrayed especially in scenes of conflict between the couple. Scenes involving arguments never felt staged or over the top but exactly how real couples interact and communicate. An interesting exploration of modern day relationships.

Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool

I got my expectations up a little too high for this film, mainly because I studied in Liverpool and was excited to see some familiar places, plus, Annette Bening, Jamie Bell...yes! But overall it didn't fulfil what I was hoping for. The film tells the tale of Hollywood actress Gloria Grahame who finds romance and happiness with a younger man, but then her life changes forever when she is diagnosed with breast cancer in the 1970s. It's not the performances themselves that fail but the story and the film which don't really carry them that well, I just found myself irritated by both characters and the slow pace of the film which never really picked up its pace. Gloria Grahame's character reminded me a little of the romance between Marilyn Monroe and Colin Clarke in My Week With Marilyn, just a slightly more slow-paced and bland one to watch. The highlight of the film was a dance off scene between Gloria and Peter, probably being the most upbeat part of the movie. However, the film overall might still appeal to some audiences and maybe it just wasn't my kind of movie so it might still be worth a watch...

What have you seen on Netflix lately, the good and the bad?