Cinematography Focus: The Virgin Suicides

Saturday, February 03, 2018
I'm in awe of cinematography. How elements such as lighting, colour palette and such can give across a particular mood of a film, like a painting. I've decided to start a new series on the blog called 'cinematography focus' where I'll share still shots from films I've seen that I admire and I think carry a certain image of that film. I recently watched The Virgin Suicides which I'd already seen in the past, but needed a refresher. I'm currently reading the book A Cinema Of Girlhood by Fiona Handyside who discusses the girlishness expressed in Sofia Coppola's films such as this one. I really enjoyed watching the film with everything I'd learnt from the book in mind and seeing how Coppola uses the innocence and virginity of the 5 sisters and exploits it through costume, colours, props such as cuddly toys, perfume and cosmetics. The mind behind the cinematography is Edward Lachman. He contrasts these pink, dreamy, soft angelic shots against blue, moody tones which expresses the entrapment the girls feel in the second half of the film. Here are my favourite shots.