Cinematography Focus: Buffalo 66

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
The spirit of independent cinema is fully explored in Buffalo 66 by Vincent Gallo. Gallo is credited with directing, editing and the music soundtrack and cinematography credited to Lance Acord, who made his feature debut with this film. When I first watched this film I was more immersed in the protagonists and the story than the cinematography but looking back on some stills from the movie, I found numerous shots which inspired me. A lot of the lighting and juxtaposition of shots reminded me of David Lynch, particularly the bowling alley scene when character Layla is in focus with a spotlight whilst performing a dance. A lot of other shots evoke the distance and lack of affection in the 'relationship' between the protagonists. I think the lighting is beautiful and sets the atmosphere of the whole film. I haven't actually talked about this film on here before, but I would definitely recommend it.