Keep making art

Keep making art. That's something that stuck with me after watching an interview with Sofia Coppola. She said her mum always reminded her to keep. making. art. Right now, i've graduated university in the past two weeks and i've been travelling and now i'm back to base. Sometimes it feels good to be back to base, to re-find your roots. Though the initial panic set in when I got back that I had to begin to find a job, my career, the 'dream' job...I realised that there is no rush. I mean I guess in some cases if you are short on cash, you might need to rush it. Luckily I am ok for money, but I still feel a sense of urgency, because, well, money doesn't last forever, especially with spending habits like But despite the job nerves, interview nerves and somewhat 'pressure' to find THE job, and THE career...I have found with all this free time and finally being back to my base, I have never felt more inspired or creative. When I was a kid, I would paint and draw and write, watch films and tv, dress up, take photos without purpose or motivation but just with the pure desire to create art. I doubt my 5 year old brain knew what art was, though. I'm a bit older now (ok significantly older...and wiser?...ish). This time spent looking for jobs has given me time to create and I feel at my happiest when i'm creating. Even if my 'art' is not 'art' or my 'art' is weird to others, even if it makes no sense to me...I mean who tf knows what art is anyways. I guess it is creation from the mind. Putting pen to paper, or an abstract idea to a tangible product or something. But anyway, back to that Sofia Coppola quote, keep making art. So whether you're applying for jobs like me, or working a shitty 9-5, or doing the career of your dreams, keep making art - however you perceive 'art' to be, it's basically just letting the creation flow without questioning it too much. It makes the world a better place and it makes you happier. Making art is more needed than ever with the current political climate. As mentioned in the linked article, art is necessary to allow us to question society. It can serve all purposes though, it doesn't always have to have meaning, like tattoos don't either, it can either be a form of meditation/relaxation/distraction or it can connect with someone else - either way, making art is not wasted time.

I bought some new camera filters off can buy all sorts of shit on there, it reminds me of that song those two chinese guy made years ago (watch it here for the lols, my childhood). So I put them to use when I got bored in between job applications and it gave me that fire in my belly that everyone talks about. It might be shit and meaningless to others but if you are happy, that is really all that matters. So whatever circumstance, it is important that you keep making art. Robin Williams also said 'you're only given a little spark of madness, you mustn't lose it.'... that spark of madness is your art, don't lose that.

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