Current Favourite Make Up Looks

As much as I love getting my make up 'on point' and spending hours on it getting everything 'flawless', it's sometimes good to step outside the box (or just throw that box away all together) and try out some more daring make up looks...they don't have to be crazy, but just something a bit more rough and ready than your usual. I've found sometimes the best make up looks i've ended up with are the ones i've spent minimal time and effort on, and minimal products, just all the key, right ones. Here are my current favourite make up trends that i'm trying out!

On a good skin day (this hasn't been happening too often for me at the mo), I love just a small dab of foundation, brows, mascara, pop of pink on the cheeks and some clear lip balm. Your skin feels like it can actually breath and it's just a natural, simple enhancement of your best features. 
I've been seriously inspired by Pat McGrath lately (check out her Instagram!) and love the bold, shimmery gold looks she's created as of late. Gold looks amazing on most eye colours, especially greens and blues, and can really make that colour POP. You can dab on glitter to the lids, brows, inner corners, underneath your eyes, draw a catflick or add some gold glittery mascara. It doesn't have to be perfect and can be applied with the swipe of your finger or a brush, or can be applied as precisely as you like.
Remember the days when everyone used Lancôme juicy tubes??? I'm feeling those vibes coming back. I normally use a cotton bud to get off any excess stuff of my lips (like foundation/concealer residue) and then apply a clear gloss/oil by Gosh make up. There's not always need for colour because your own lip colour is already poppin' but you can get bright pink glosses or a glitter infused one which imo, look insaaaanely cool. Hair up and avoid windy days for this look.
I honestly prefer highlighter to contour any day. Whatever can make my skin look as youthful and dewy as it did when I was kid, then i'm all for it. Apply it to the nose bone and tip, brow bones, cupids bow, cheekbones, collarbones, shoulders - anywhere that light gonna hit gurl, put it there!!! I love the glossy wet eye too and gold infused highlighters to make you like a glowing goddess.
Another make up look I've beeen la-laaaloving is bold eyeshadows. I never thought I'd see the day when i'd be applying coloured eyeshadow again but i'm growing to love it. My favourite new palette is Moondust by Urban Decay which have theeee most pigmented, shimmery bright colours, a green shade ('Lightyear') being my favourite. Green looks amazing on brown eyes but can add to the tones in green/blue eyes too. Something fun to wear for a night out and experiment. 
Lastly, my other favourite make up trend is the grungey, messy eyeliner look inspired by the punk era. I love the smudged out effect which is so anti-perfect smokey eyes and looks so effortlessly cool. Pair with a nude lip and let those eyes do the talkin'.

I'm thinking of doing some of these inspired looks on Youtube so keep an eye out!

What are your favourite make up looks?
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