That's So Lush

Lush has been around for years. Years and years. And it's taken me until now to actually make a purchase - and in this case, I made several...oops.

I popped into the Lush Spa in Liverpool and was greeted by Pippa who is a lover of all things Lush and an expert at her job. I knew I wanted to get a mask and a bath bomb for some much needed tlc. She talked me through the different bath bombs and their individual qualities, particularly the best bath bombs for Lush newbies like myself. I settled on the Big Blue bath bomb which is infused with extracts of sea salt which softens the skin and arame seaweed which is rich in both minerals and vitamins. So I dropped the bomb (there's really no better way to phrase this) and within a minute or so my bath was turned into a turquoise blue which could easily be mistaken for the sea in Greece, fo real though. For those wondering, the colour does not affect your skin whatsoever so doesn't dye/stain. It smells so fresh and made me feel sooo relaxed.

Secondly, I knew I wanted a mask. I've had acne since I was about 14, and it's going through another bad spell so any kind of product that promises to help (especially Lush), I will give it a go. I settled on the self-preserving Mask of Magnaminty. Pippa told me that it flew off the shelves after one of the KK's admitted to being a fan of the product so I was eager to give it a try. I put it on before my bath and left on for the duration, about 20 minutes, probably more than you're supposed to...but my skin needed some major tlc. It smells lovely and minty (a little bit like toothpaste), was easy to wash off and left my skin feeling soft, envigorated and's a bit too soon to say whether my acne will clear up after one use though.

I wanted to get Snow Fairy shower cream but that's only on sale during the Christmas period (snow, duh) so I decided to get The Comforter as it smelled just as good and just as sweet as snow fairy. It's infused with cassis, bergamot and essential oils. It's honestly the best shower cream i've ever had and smells insaaaanely good.

The last three things I got were a Tea Tree Water which Pippa offered me as an 'act of kindness' (read more here) - I spray a little on in the morning for a wake up and it perks my skin right up! I've also realised it could be sprayed onto a cotton pad and used to wash the face so, there ye go. I also got a little sample of another shower cream (which I can't remember the name of...) and probably my favourite purchase, the Feeling Younger highlighter cream. Oh my god. This stuff is a pot of magic. You only need a very little amount and this stuff will make you shine from space. I've dabbed a little on my cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bone and nose today and it looks so dewy and glowy, making my skin look that little bit healthier.

I can't wait to go back and try more Lush products!
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