Playing With Neon

I went to the Tate in Liverpool a few weeks ago with my parents and visited the Tracey Emin bed. We were lucky because as me and my dad arrived, there was a curator there about to do a talk about the bed and I think if I hadn't gone at that moment, I wouldn't have properly learnt about Tracey or that bed. The bed has been mocked for being called 'art' which I will admit to some extent I questioned what was so 'arty' about it too. But after the curator explained what the bed represented in Tracey's life, it opened up to me so many different possibilities of what art can be. The curator told us that this bed represented the most intimate part of Tracey's life, following the four days she spent in bed following a break up, with depression and so on. And I think what made the bed 'art' was the brutal honesty she was sharing with the world. Nowadays, it's easy to share the best bits on social media but sharing the difficult parts are a liiiiil bit more tricky. So for Tracey to openly share this bed with the world, where it displayed the 4 most depressing days of her life, and give it to the world and say, this was me and i'm not embarassed about it...is art. I think so, anyway. 

So here I am with my bed in my room (lol). It's not as 'brutal' or 'honest' as Tracey's bed was, but I guess it's an honest place that I normally wouldn't share on the internet. As i've said before on this blog, I find it hard to be myself and be self confident but I think the best thing to do is say f*ck it, so that's the approach i've taken in publishing this post. It's not in a typical blogger style or edited (I lied, these are slightly edited) or perfect but if it was all of that, I'd feel like a bit of a fake. When I was a teen, me and my friends would nab ideas from Tumblr (o the hilarity) and emulate them for photos, do photo shoots at each others houses, buying a cheap USA flag off of Ebay for a backdrop, dressing up and drawing words on our knuckles with eyeliner (why didn't someone stop us), pretending to smoke cigarettes (so cringe), doing our make up, etc. all for the sake of getting a few photos for Facebook but mostly just to keep for ourselves, and for me to have fun experimenting with photography and creative ideas, whether or not they looked really amateur or cringey af. So i'm going to adopt that same attitude I had at ages 14-16 and carry on having fun with photography and experimenting regardless of the outcome and put them on this blog. I guess what i'm trying to say is Tracey Emin's bed inspired me to be honest with what I do, even if some people might not think it's art.

I've always had a cliché thing for neon lights. I like the way Refn uses them in most of his films, and how they look against faces and clothes and objects. My friend bought me a lil disco light for my birthday and it's honestly my favourite thing and can completely change the mood of a whole room.

Photos taken by my supa cool flatmate Sid HH while pre-drankin before going out

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