Almost Adulting

HEEELLO World! I am BACK! I have finally finished my three years of university and can now start blogging again, can I get a woop woop?! I'm going to be completely honest, because I always want to remain truthful on this blog, and say that I'm feeling all sorts of anxiety in my life at the moment. I haven't blogged in for what seems like forever, and I most definitely have a bit of a writers block combined with a creativity overload/blogging identity crisis. I've done this ever since I was 16 - i'm 22 now, so a lot has happened since then. My ideas, tastes, thoughts, life - has all changed and this will most definitely begin to reflect through this blog. I know that I still want to continue doing this, because it's fun and it allows me to express my creative ideas and boy, there are a lot of those floating around in my head right now. 

I'm also a little anxious about the future and being an adult...hence the title of this post, inspired by my favourite lady Arden Rose (our mum's have great taste in names). I feel a little in that 'in between' stage right now, of a big kid and an adult. Though I am done with university and *kind of* officially an adult, I still don't feel like one, or dress like one for that matter but I really don't care anymore, because life's too short and you should feel young forever whether you're still in university, working, wandering or travelling.

I've always been a little doubtful of being myself and expressing myself without constantly looking at what others are doing and thinking, wait, should I be doing that? But i'm really going to try to be as true to myself as possible. If I like it, i'll wear it, if there's a lot of colour, i'll wear it and if I feel like writing something, i'll write it...and hopefully that confidence will just shiiiiine on through. Oh and to add to that, I will also be trying my hand at Youtube with some make up tutorials, travel videos, lifestyle advice and fashion. This blog and Youtube will be all about imperfection and being candid (ooh err) - the photos won't be retouched to death and i'm not going to aim for perfect photos or poses in my style posts either...because it's more fun when you're not aiming for perfection and more relaxing when you don't care too much!

Top: UNIF | Sunglasses: UNIF | Trousers: Primark | Shoes: Superga | Bag: Fjallraven Kanken at Urban Outfitters | Jacket: UNIF | Pompom: Boots

Photos by Lauren Jade Keir

So here's to blogging and being UNIQUE!

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