That's So Lush


Lush has been around for years. Years and years. And it's taken me until now to actually make a purchase - and in this case, I made several...oops.

I popped into the Lush Spa in Liverpool and was greeted by Pippa who is a lover of all things Lush and an expert at her job. I knew I wanted to get a mask and a bath bomb for some much needed tlc. She talked me through the different bath bombs and their individual qualities, particularly the best bath bombs for Lush newbies like myself. I settled on the Big Blue bath bomb which is infused with extracts of sea salt which softens the skin and arame seaweed which is rich in both minerals and vitamins. So I dropped the bomb (there's really no better way to phrase this) and within a minute or so my bath was turned into a turquoise blue which could easily be mistaken for the sea in Greece, fo real though. For those wondering, the colour does not affect your skin whatsoever so doesn't dye/stain. It smells so fresh and made me feel sooo relaxed.

Secondly, I knew I wanted a mask. I've had acne since I was about 14, and it's going through another bad spell so any kind of product that promises to help (especially Lush), I will give it a go. I settled on the self-preserving Mask of Magnaminty. Pippa told me that it flew off the shelves after one of the KK's admitted to being a fan of the product so I was eager to give it a try. I put it on before my bath and left on for the duration, about 20 minutes, probably more than you're supposed to...but my skin needed some major tlc. It smells lovely and minty (a little bit like toothpaste), was easy to wash off and left my skin feeling soft, envigorated and's a bit too soon to say whether my acne will clear up after one use though.

I wanted to get Snow Fairy shower cream but that's only on sale during the Christmas period (snow, duh) so I decided to get The Comforter as it smelled just as good and just as sweet as snow fairy. It's infused with cassis, bergamot and essential oils. It's honestly the best shower cream i've ever had and smells insaaaanely good.

The last three things I got were a Tea Tree Water which Pippa offered me as an 'act of kindness' (read more here) - I spray a little on in the morning for a wake up and it perks my skin right up! I've also realised it could be sprayed onto a cotton pad and used to wash the face so, there ye go. I also got a little sample of another shower cream (which I can't remember the name of...) and probably my favourite purchase, the Feeling Younger highlighter cream. Oh my god. This stuff is a pot of magic. You only need a very little amount and this stuff will make you shine from space. I've dabbed a little on my cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bone and nose today and it looks so dewy and glowy, making my skin look that little bit healthier.

I can't wait to go back and try more Lush products!

Playing With Neon


I went to the Tate in Liverpool a few weeks ago with my parents and visited the Tracey Emin bed. We were lucky because as me and my dad arrived, there was a curator there about to do a talk about the bed and I think if I hadn't gone at that moment, I wouldn't have properly learnt about Tracey or that bed. The bed has been mocked for being called 'art' which I will admit to some extent I questioned what was so 'arty' about it too. But after the curator explained what the bed represented in Tracey's life, it opened up to me so many different possibilities of what art can be. The curator told us that this bed represented the most intimate part of Tracey's life, following the four days she spent in bed following a break up, with depression and so on. And I think what made the bed 'art' was the brutal honesty she was sharing with the world. Nowadays, it's easy to share the best bits on social media but sharing the difficult parts are a liiiiil bit more tricky. So for Tracey to openly share this bed with the world, where it displayed the 4 most depressing days of her life, and give it to the world and say, this was me and i'm not embarassed about art. I think so, anyway. 

So here I am with my bed in my room (lol). It's not as 'brutal' or 'honest' as Tracey's bed was, but I guess it's an honest place that I normally wouldn't share on the internet. As i've said before on this blog, I find it hard to be myself and be self confident but I think the best thing to do is say f*ck it, so that's the approach i've taken in publishing this post. It's not in a typical blogger style or edited (I lied, these are slightly edited) or perfect but if it was all of that, I'd feel like a bit of a fake. When I was a teen, me and my friends would nab ideas from Tumblr (o the hilarity) and emulate them for photos, do photo shoots at each others houses, buying a cheap USA flag off of Ebay for a backdrop, dressing up and drawing words on our knuckles with eyeliner (why didn't someone stop us), pretending to smoke cigarettes (so cringe), doing our make up, etc. all for the sake of getting a few photos for Facebook but mostly just to keep for ourselves, and for me to have fun experimenting with photography and creative ideas, whether or not they looked really amateur or cringey af. So i'm going to adopt that same attitude I had at ages 14-16 and carry on having fun with photography and experimenting regardless of the outcome and put them on this blog. I guess what i'm trying to say is Tracey Emin's bed inspired me to be honest with what I do, even if some people might not think it's art.

I've always had a cliché thing for neon lights. I like the way Refn uses them in most of his films, and how they look against faces and clothes and objects. My friend bought me a lil disco light for my birthday and it's honestly my favourite thing and can completely change the mood of a whole room.

Photos taken by my supa cool flatmate Sid HH while pre-drankin before going out

Gin And Glitter

For years the famous Clothes Show Live was held in Birmingham but fast forward to 2017 and it's now coming to my hometown of Liverpool with a whole new look and name - the British Style Collective. The lovely ladies over at Good Results PR invited along the bloggers of Liverpool to get a feel of what's to come in the 3 day fashion festival in July.

And if this event is anything to go by, the festival is set to be an event absolutely not to be missed! The festival will consist of fashion shows, catwalks, dance performances, talks by industry experts (Jo Elvin, Megan Ellaby and Olivia Purvis to name a few), stalls of all your favourite high street brands and plenty of food and drink!

The teaser blogger event was hosted inside the beautiful Oh Me Oh My, by the Albert Docks in Liverpool. I still hadn't got round to paying this venue a visit so was so happy to see it was the location of this event - the interiors are stunning and from what I tasted from the menu, I definitely want to go back! There were delicious canapés of bruschetta with caramelised onion and goats cheese, amazing gin cocktails on arrival and halloumi burgers (which I demolished in 5 secs so no photos of that). 

The event was hosted by fashion journalist and TV presenter Antonia O'Brien who was wearing the most beautiful bedazzled dress i've ever seen. She talked us through the up and coming event and what to expect then did a quick interview with hairdressing experts and absolute #couplegoals Andrew and Liz Collinge. I go past the Andrew Collinge Graduates hairdressers on Bold Street all the time so it was amazing to see the man behind the business in the flesh! They were both so inspiring discussing their brand and family can read more about their inspiring story on their website here.

I also got attacked by glitter a glitter makeover by Wish Upon A Sparkle, I was going out that night so I wanted my make up a little more snazzy and I think it looked so good and would not go out of place at a festival or party this summer.

Upstairs was where all the goodies were to be found and the kind gals behind the event filled up a huge goodie bag for me and all the other bloggers. We also had the chance to go up and chat one-to-one with Andrew and Liz Collinge and get some expert hair styling tips - which is always good for me as I don't really have a clue how to style my hair. Some stylists from loved&found at John Lewis were also there to show us some current pieces from different brands, explaining how they want John Lewis to be a place where young people want to shop and not just for special occasions but somewhere they can shop for everyday wear. I fell in love with the above pieces and will definitely keep them in mind for future shopping trips!

I thought I'd add a quick snap of my goodie bag, for those that like a little nosey! It was SUCH a generous amount of things, from Pixi & Petra primer, to Liverpool gin, and Lambrini (wth!), nail stick ons, some new products from the new Andrew Collinge 'Co' range, Accessorize jewellery and more - I felt spoilt! I also got to take home my own handmade corsage (which i'll probably give to my mum) that I made with the help of two lovely staff from Abakhan, a leading UK habardashery company. You can expect all these brands and more to be at the festival this summer!

The British Style Collective will be taking place over 3 days in July from the 7th-9th and you must not miss it, it will be the fashion event of the year in Liverpool. Get your tickets here now.

Love Will Tear Us Apart


 Jacket: charity shop | Belt: Ebay | Jumper: Zara | Necklace: gift | Earrings: Urban Outfitters | Sunglasses: UNIF | Jeans: Topshop | Socks: Asos | Converse: Depop

Photos by Jenny Gavan

I got back last night from the most lovely day in Manchester at the O2 Ritz academy where some of my favourite artists played including Tops, Whitney and Bill Ryder Jones. Those performances will stick with me forever, especially Tops (who's new album gives me the goosebumps) and Whitney, who I saw play a year ago to the TINIEST crowd and last night filled the whole venue just had me feeling all mushy inside. BRJ was also beaut performing a solo set and a cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart. What will stick with me the most is the end of the performances when the venue played Oasis, Joy Division and New Order whilst Whitney's pianist crowd surfed and the crowd went mad - and in light of what happened a few weeks ago, it was just so bloody nice to have everyone together singing and dancing in one big room to show that love is the friggin' answer to life. 

Talking about love - I am in love with how these photos turned out by the wonderful Jenny Gavan, who I discovered through Instagram - oh the powers of the net. We went out on a sunny (ahem, sweaty) day in Liverpool and explored the Baltic Triangle and got some snaps along the way. We even found a bunch of old school ice cream vans parked which made for some good photo props. Be sure to follow Jenny on her blog here, her photos are b-e-a-uuutiful. Thank you for making me feel edgy af Jenny! Self confidence is important, LOVE YOSELF, even if little skater dudes shout at you 'sorry I nearly tripped over your edge', fo reel though.

Almost Adulting


HEEELLO World! I am BACK! I have finally finished my three years of university and can now start blogging again, can I get a woop woop?! I'm going to be completely honest, because I always want to remain truthful on this blog, and say that I'm feeling all sorts of anxiety in my life at the moment. I haven't blogged in for what seems like forever, and I most definitely have a bit of a writers block combined with a creativity overload/blogging identity crisis. I've done this ever since I was 16 - i'm 22 now, so a lot has happened since then. My ideas, tastes, thoughts, life - has all changed and this will most definitely begin to reflect through this blog. I know that I still want to continue doing this, because it's fun and it allows me to express my creative ideas and boy, there are a lot of those floating around in my head right now. 

I'm also a little anxious about the future and being an adult...hence the title of this post, inspired by my favourite lady Arden Rose (our mum's have great taste in names). I feel a little in that 'in between' stage right now, of a big kid and an adult. Though I am done with university and *kind of* officially an adult, I still don't feel like one, or dress like one for that matter but I really don't care anymore, because life's too short and you should feel young forever whether you're still in university, working, wandering or travelling.

I've always been a little doubtful of being myself and expressing myself without constantly looking at what others are doing and thinking, wait, should I be doing that? But i'm really going to try to be as true to myself as possible. If I like it, i'll wear it, if there's a lot of colour, i'll wear it and if I feel like writing something, i'll write it...and hopefully that confidence will just shiiiiine on through. Oh and to add to that, I will also be trying my hand at Youtube with some make up tutorials, travel videos, lifestyle advice and fashion. This blog and Youtube will be all about imperfection and being candid (ooh err) - the photos won't be retouched to death and i'm not going to aim for perfect photos or poses in my style posts either...because it's more fun when you're not aiming for perfection and more relaxing when you don't care too much!

Top: UNIF | Sunglasses: UNIF | Trousers: Primark | Shoes: Superga | Bag: Fjallraven Kanken at Urban Outfitters | Jacket: UNIF | Pompom: Boots

Photos by Lauren Jade Keir

So here's to blogging and being UNIQUE!

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