How to...Chill Out

Bonjourno! Well I know it's been a while since my last post (uni has taken over my life) but I'm back briefly, before the very last hurdle of the school year begins. But I thought this would be the perfect time to do this post, for all those guys n gals finishing their school/uni/college year and are stressin' out. I'm not gonna lie, i've probably had a countless amount of meltdowns, but who better to give some stress-bustin' advice than me?! Probably someone with their life a bit more together, but i'll do it for now eh.

It's mega important to take some time out and recharge your batteries every now and then. If university work is getting a bit on top of you then it's best to take a breather, relax then go back to it with a clean slate, just like you wouldn't try and drive a car without petrol...that car just won't go anywhere, ya get me? You won't be productive if you're stressed to da max!! Here are some of my top stress-bustin' tips:

Treat yo-self

Try out some of those beauty products you got for Christmas/your birthday etc and take a nice bath, pick a film on your laptop and just sit in that bath and LOVE LIFE. Baths are actual therapy. My flat this year at university has a bath and it has changed my life, FOR THE BETTER, fo realz. I even bought a tray with a wine glass and book holder, no I am not 40 years old btw. Even getting ready to go out can make you feel great too...when i'm feeling crap, I do my make up, yah yah *vanity* but when I look better I feel a lil better too, plus make up is fun to do. Or if you wanna unwind after a long day, try out a face mask, lotion, face wash, body butter or bath bomb (hello, Lush). Take care of ya bodyyy!

Movies & chill

Whether it’s a rom-com, film night with a friend, or just a cheesy comedy, it can do wonders to help you forget all your worries. So pick out your favourite bevvy, your comfiest pyjamas and pop on a film you always love watching, or a new one of a similar genre. If you can't think of or find a film you would like to watch then check out This website is a great way to find a movie catered to your specific tastes! So if you're a fan of The Hangover for example, then WhichMovieNext can find similar movies by tallying up other movies with related storylines, actors and genres...I love it and it's easy peasy to navigate around!

Happiness is CARBS

Nothing feels better than eating whatever the heck you want when stressed. If you've had a crappy day/week/month/year (lol) - choose a food you love, eat that fave meal you haven't in a while, or have a glass of vino or eat some chocolate - whatever your favourite, of course, everything in moderation and all that lark!! Can you imagine a night with everything i've just mentioned? A bath, followed by a movie and your favourite food? Dunno about you but I need to do this WAY more often.

Let's get physical,, really

Go for a walk, or a jog, cycle - just get mooovin'. Exercise not only allows you to clear your head, but the endorphins are going to naturally enhance your mood, then you can go back to your coursework or whatever it may be, with a fresh mind!

Some other ways to bust dem stresses are: getting your nails done, going for a spa day, listening to your favourite record, painting, getting creative or going to a comedy show, play, concert or the cinema. 
Hope you enjoyed this post, and see you in June when blogging will be full steam ahead!!

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