1 Dress Styled 3 Ways

The lovely people at Very.co.uk sent me over this beautiful schwiiingin' 70's vibe floral dress which I decided to style up in 3 different ways. Very have an amazing selection of dresses by some of my favourite brands including Miss Selfridge who designed this floral dream. I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it online. I'm not generally much of a "dressy" person, even on a night out i'll revert to jeans and a crop top. I feel like some dresses on the high street are sometimes a little too dressy and never anywhere in between. 

This Miss Selfridge number quickly changed all that! It has everything I like - not too short/long, not showing off all the bust area, floaty, skims over any "chubby" bits and flatters all the best parts...oh and the sleeves, did I mention the sleeves? The best bit about this dress are the super 70's bell sleeves that look so cool when ya getting down on the dancefloor and even better when you're waving over to the barman for your 3rd 5th drink. Here's 3 ways to wear the dress from day to night....heads up - the dress I am wearing in this post is now £28 down from £40 on Very, just click here!


The dress can also double up as a skirt and be worn underneath a jumper to give it more a laid back, day-time look - for saaaaay, a trip to the local pizza parlour with your mates!

Jumper: vintage | Neckerchief: harley davidson shop | Belt: H&M | New Balance trainers: Tk Maxx | Bag: Primark


Is it a skirt, is it a dress?! This time, it's a top. What a versatile lil piece of clothing, right? Tucked into some high waisted jeans, add a pair of your go-to trainers (mine are forever and always, converse) and this would be the ideal look for a trip to cinema with ya mates or to wear to a gig, comfy/casual but the dress (mainly because of the sleeves) adds a lil' somethin'-somethin'.

Jeans: H&M | Belt: H&M | Converse: Amazon | Earrings: Topshop | Jacket: vintage at Soho's Liverpool

DINNER DATE (aka take me for more pizza)

Dress: C/O Very | Ankle Boots: Office (charity shop)

Photos by Xie Qin Gru

Aaaaand lastly, the dress as it is destined to be - a dress, duh. Perfect for heading right back to the pizza place you started the day off in, and this dress hides a pizza belly like. no. other. Please excuse the pealy wally legs (as my dad would say which basically means PALE af). That's what living in the UK does to you, goodbye tan.

One dress, three Veeery different ways to wear it - see what I did there??

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