New Year, who dis?

It's finally 2017, yes! Don't get me wrong, 2016 wasn't all bad, just read my last post here where I actually found plenty of things to rave about...but I love that feeling of a fresh slate - to think about and plan all the things you want to achieve in the year ahead. Guaranteed there'll be ups and downs like any other year - but i'm feeling much more motivated and prepared for this year. I've thought pretty clearly about what i'd like to achieve, based on everything that didn't go quite to plan or as well as I'd hoped in previous years. Learn from your mistakes and all that, riiiight? 

Here are my resolutions:

- I want to read more. This has been something i've meant to do for ages! I used to read so much as a teenager...and then social media happened and 'scrolling' became the new 'reading' - nope, not anymore! I basically want to be like Matilda when she sits in the library all day long and reads book after book...

- To graduate with a 2:1 in my degree! Eeeee, yep it's my 3rd and final year of university and 2017 is the year I graduate. W.T.F...fingers crossed.

- Treat my body better with healthier foods... cut back on meat, drink more water, eat better, go running and be fitter in general.

- To enjoy my new part time job and get a good job after uni...it's probably a liiittle too soon to say where i'll be or what i'll be doing come the time I graduate, but I just hope that it's in a great job, well-paid, with lovely people to work with and that allows me to travel and do something I love doing!

- I want to travel, whenever I get the chance and have the money to. Go anywhere new and hop on a plane somewhere and continue to travel for the rest of my life, plzzzz.

- Just have a great 2017 in general: be happier, worry less, love more and spread love, be creative, inspired, see films, do new things...

...well, that's not toooo much to ask is it?! What can I say, I have big expectations... I'm really going to make an effort to follow these resolutions through and just improve overall as a person...here's to 2017!
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