Let's Talk | Comparison

...orrrrr so some guy called Theodore Roosevelt once quoted, smart guy huh? Comparison is something I have shamelessly done in the past and i'm sure i'm not alone in this, yup? Most likely at some point in your life you've compared your life, body, looks, hair, wealth, photo of breakfast on Instagram (lol i'm joking) - to someone else...but why? Well, for no good reason at all, because exactly as the quote says, comparison is a thief, it's the bad guy that makes you feel like everything you have is irrelevant because someone else 'has it so much better' and takes away your own (v precious) happiness...

Social media is such a huge industry now, filled with talented bloggers, artists, musicians, youtubers, even non celebrities have somehow became, celebrities? - it can sometimes feel like you're a wee fish swimming in a very big pond of people doing amazing things with their lives, and you're kinda doggy paddling to the surface - ya know what I mean?

We may look at these other people getting their book deals, their own beauty ranges, campaigns with big brands - whatever it may be - and think, eh, am I doing something wrong here?

Truth is, we're not doing anything wrong. Here's an example, i've fully grown out of my phase of wanting to be the next Zoella *cringe* - though i'll still admit yes, she is hugely successful from what she's done and that can make anyone a little bit envious, but it's just not me! Maybe it was when I was 13, but fast forward to 21, and I want different things from life and this blog - I want to provide more meaningful, good content and I have completely different tastes. If I copied what she did and followed the same route, maybe I would get successful, but then again, i'd be completely selling my soul and lying to myself and everyone around me! So what i'm trying to say is, don't get side tracked by other people's successes just because they appear "happier" and "wealthier" and just be yourself. Sooner or later, people will love what you do, because you do...and everyone has their own timing, so if success hasn't happened yet, it will, as long as you focus on your goals. The other people you keep comparing yourself to are probably doing something that is different to your own interests and also, their upbringing, life, social circle, family, situation, personality, mental health, confidence are not the same as yours and therefore everyone's experience, and timing, is different. Instead, see these people as a nod to this growing creative industry and as inspiration, but not as comparison/jealousy, cause that's when things get nasty! *raven voice*

The *sort of* comforting thing is that we all do compare every now and then, so remind yourself that there's probably someone out there that would love to have what you have, and you'll realise how great you've got things already. We've all got something someone else doesn't and that's why each and every one of us is soo bloody gr8 - we've all got something unique to bring to the table. Next time you catch yourself comparing your life to someone else's, switch off those side eye glasses, count your blessings, look straight ahead and keep doing YOU.


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