How to...Chill Out

Bonjourno! Well I know it's been a while since my last post (uni has taken over my life) but I'm back briefly, before the very last hurdle of the school year begins. But I thought this would be the perfect time to do this post, for all those guys n gals finishing their school/uni/college year and are stressin' out. I'm not gonna lie, i've probably had a countless amount of meltdowns, but who better to give some stress-bustin' advice than me?! Probably someone with their life a bit more together, but i'll do it for now eh.
It's mega important to take some time out and recharge your batteries every now and then. If university work is getting a bit on top of you then it's best to take a breather, relax then go back to it with a clean slate, just like you wouldn't try and drive a car without petrol...that car just won't go anywhere, ya get me? You won't be productive if you're stressed to da max!! Here are some of my top stress-bustin' tips:

Treat yo-self

Try out some of those beauty products you got for Christmas/your birthday etc and take a nice bath, pick a film on your laptop and just sit in that bath and LOVE LIFE. Baths are actual therapy. My flat this year at university has a bath and it has changed my life, FOR THE BETTER, fo realz. I even bought a tray with a wine glass and book holder, no I am not 40 years old btw. Even getting ready to go out can make you feel great too...when i'm feeling crap, I do my make up, yah yah *vanity* but when I look better I feel a lil better too, plus make up is fun to do. Or if you wanna unwind after a long day, try out a face mask, lotion, face wash, body butter or bath bomb (hello, Lush). Take care of ya bodyyy!

Movies & chill

Whether it’s a rom-com, film night with a friend, or just a cheesy comedy, it can do wonders to help you forget all your worries. So pick out your favourite bevvy, your comfiest pyjamas and pop on a film you always love watching, or a new one of a similar genre. If you can't think of or find a film you would like to watch then check out This website is a great way to find a movie catered to your specific tastes! So if you're a fan of The Hangover for example, then WhichMovieNext can find similar movies by tallying up other movies with related storylines, actors and genres...I love it and it's easy peasy to navigate around!

Happiness is CARBS

Nothing feels better than eating whatever the heck you want when stressed. If you've had a crappy day/week/month/year (lol) - choose a food you love, eat that fave meal you haven't in a while, or have a glass of vino or eat some chocolate - whatever your favourite, of course, everything in moderation and all that lark!! Can you imagine a night with everything i've just mentioned? A bath, followed by a movie and your favourite food? Dunno about you but I need to do this WAY more often.

Let's get physical,, really

Go for a walk, or a jog, cycle - just get mooovin'. Exercise not only allows you to clear your head, but the endorphins are going to naturally enhance your mood, then you can go back to your coursework or whatever it may be, with a fresh mind!

Some other ways to bust dem stresses are: getting your nails done, going for a spa day, listening to your favourite record, painting, getting creative or going to a comedy show, play, concert or the cinema. 
Hope you enjoyed this post, and see you in June when blogging will be full steam ahead!!

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Girl Power

'Dylan' Jacket: UNIF | Jeans: Pop Boutique | Dolly Sunglasses: UNIF | T-shirt: Instagram seller @gloriouspjs (or here) | Shoes: Primark (similar) | Belt: H&M

Photos by Xie Qin Gru
I think my slogan T collection is getting out of hand, but how can I resist when this one popped up on my Instagram?! At £15, I was sold. Nothing says you're gonna have a good day better than a t-shirt that says girl power on it, right!!! I love the pop of red and the little rose design, that match these denim rose-embroidered beauties from Primarnie so well. I finally made a UNIF order, which i've been wanting to do for so long. I went for the Dolly sunglasses, this denim bomber (with padded red lining) and a stripey jumper, which I'm sure will appear on here sometime soon! I love everything about UNIF and what i'm wearing here is reminiscent of the models on their site - casual but a bit quirky, a pop of colour and all the 90s vibes.




Réalisation Par

'Bianca' Blouse: Réalisation Par | Jeans: Neon Rose At Asos (which have been altered) | Bag: New Look | Choker: Pretty Little Thing | Shoes: Primark

Photos by Xie Qin Gru
I love Réalisation Par. I first saw one of their blouses styled by my favourite blogger What Olivia Did and it played on my mind ever since. RP are based in Aussie and they do gorgeous blouses and dresses in dainty star/polka dot/floral prints in flattering styles that quite literally suit everyone, from the small chests to the bigger's a super versatile blouse that can be tied as tightly or loosely as you like. I can be quite self conscious about my chest area, which may come as a surprise, as I know some people would love to have a fuller bust, whereas i'm always a little reluctant to flaunt that, ahem, area. I don't want to draw attention so i'll literally push them out of view (no, really)...but this blouse has definitely given me more confidence to show off what I normally wouldn't in a not too over the top way...i've tried to take attention away by adding a little star choker necklace which ties in so well with the blouse print and the silver bag I got for Christmas (inspired by Abigail!). With the weekend approaching and Spring showing little hints of arriving, this blouse will be seeing me right through nights out and late Spring/Summer evenings, worn alone like above if you're feelin' a bit racy or worn over a t-shirt as an open blouse style shirt.

Also I chopped my hair off and dyed it, that yellow hair had to go!!




A Girl's Guide To Liverpool: International Women's Day

>>> Billie Walker is talking all things International Women's Day, what's going on in Liverpool and how you can get involved...

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, a day created to celebrate women, shared in over 100 countries around the world. Its popularity has grown a lot recently, in particular from the grassroots organisers who brought together the Women’s March in Washington just a few months back (which triggered women’s marches across the world) to now having organised A Day Without A Woman, for International Women’s Day 2017, awareness of this day will most likely skyrocket by next year. 

I spoke to Penny Dimond, founder and writer for The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor, who for the last twenty years has produced shows at the Marxist Memorial Library in London to celebrate International Women’s Day. Penny explained her reasons for celebrating and partaking in International Women’s day for the last two decades: “it’s a good time to recognise how far we’ve got and how far we have to go, it’s not stuck in the past, it’s aim is to look forward”. 

Although it is an over used adage, it’s undeniably important that to know where you are going, you must know where you have been - and most of us are unaware of the origins of IWD. Like a lot of our history, this day’s origins have been retold and edited to maintain a perception. It has been told by many and assumed that it was a day established to mark protests by New York’s garment and textile workers. However it emerged in the 1980s that this origin was manufactured in an effort to separate the day from it’s Socialist roots. It was in fact Russian women who left their factories and took the streets on March 8th 1917 to march for “Bread and Peace”. In Russia’s then capital, Petrograd, the Army backed demonstrators of Tsar to be toppled and as a result of the days events, women were granted suffrage. In the early years of International Women’s Day, all celebrations and protests were organised by communist and socialist movements in Europe. However, as the day has grown in popularity, the political aspects of it have changed to be part of all women’s movements, not just that with socialist political aims. Many events today are celebratory rather than political, which is why it is great to know that the creators of the Women’s March will be bringing the day back to it’s roots of protest.

There are many events happening all across Liverpool throughout March to celebrate women, looking at their influence, stories and power. The Girl Geeks are supporting and promoting the empowerment of women with their event at FACT in which they will be showing the film Code Girl, with a panel discussing ways we can be bold for change. When I asked Chelsea Slater, Co-Founder of Girl Geeks why this day was so important to GG, she said "International Women's day is more than a news feed full of love for inspirational and courageous women. There are thousands of events all over the world that bring us together through workshops, debates and discussions around the subject of inequality that still exists in the world.  We've made a lot of progress over the last 50 years however, it's important to know that we're still fighting, marching and taking action. IWD is a way we can be heard."

Liverpool Small Cinema is another of our cities great independent business and they are endless advocates for the representation of women in film. Over the last year with their ongoing initiative showing and celebrating the 58%, those films were made by women trans and non-binary filmmakers. This year for IWD they are celebrating middle-eastern women with two showings tomorrow evening. Kicking off with Balls, Barriers and Bulldozers, which looks at woman’s football tour to West Bank Palestine. Followed by Speed Sisters, the story of the first all-women racecar driving team in the Middle East. All in all, it looks as if the Liverpool Small Cinema will be hosting a very energetic night!

I often feel so happy to have chosen Liverpool as my home, as it is host to so many strong communities of women, which celebrate each other throughout the year such as the Grrrl Power art collective. In their own words they seek “to readdress the gender inequalities in contemporary art, literature and music. Over the last four years, women have consistently made up around 63% of creative art and design graduates in the UK, but earn up to £2,000 less then men working within the art sector.” To them, International Women’s Day is important because of the issues it brings to our attention such as the unfair pay gap. Grrrl Power argue that “women are just as creative, hard-working and valuable as men, and this needs to be recognised and reflected not just in the work place, but also in wider society.” They are currently in the midst of the Lonely Girl Phenomenology creating an online archive of essays on sexism experienced “by women and non-binary people within the realms of relationships, romance and love”.

An event that I am personally looking forward this Saturday is Gal-Dem’s talk at the International Slavery Museum. It will address the creation of the magazine they have created to “champion the writing of ‘women of colour’”, as well as an exploration of the “erasure of Black Women in History”. Women’s influence in Britain has so often been eradicated and I strongly believe that is our responsibility to readdress history to fix the tale we have been told.

With so many amazing events to go to around Liverpool, addressing so many different subjects such as women in history, women in sport and women in tech, it almost feels as if their should be more than just one day a year in which women should be celebrated. 

I am extremely grateful to groups such as Girl Geeks, Liverpool Small Cinema, Grrrl Power and Gal-Dem and many others who have made it their mission to continuously celebrate and empower all women.  

For all those who do not live in Liverpool, the International Women’s Day website is a great way to find out what is happening in your city. Whether you are using this day to protest, give back, or learn something new I am wishing you all a great International Women’s day and I hope it leaves you feeling empowered for the whole year!

By Billie Walker
Follow Billie on Instagram: @lady_bill_ and read more of her work here


February Playlist

The vinyl collection is forever growing so I thought i'd share some of the latest additions that i've been listening to on repeat over the past month.

(1) Talking Heads: 77 I first heard one of TH's songs during my Christmas holidays while watching BBC4 (im so kl) - Psycho Killer - which basically had me hooked and humming it day in/day out. This spurred me on to listen to more of the band and get 77 on vinyl - i've seen it so many times in vintage shops and carboot sales back home but I thought they were just "some weird 80's band" - which they are. However, I bloody love them. David Byrne's strained voice combined with staggered rythms and sudden tempo ranges makes you think of a crazy guy trying to sound normal - but making it so catchy and unique. (2) Angelo Badalamenti, Twin Peaks Score - Uhh omg. I can't explain the joy on my face when this arrived in the post. The most beautiful score i've ever seen, vinyl with a marble design, a zig-zag sleeve reminiscent of the zig-zag floors of Twin Peaks' black lodge, a lovely inside story to Angelo Badalamenti and thee most crispeeest of sounds. If you're a fan of Twin Peaks, or just bloody good music, then you will love it - the most soooothing and beautiful sounding of tv soundtracks there is. I bought mine at Norman Records here. (3) Talking Heads, More Songs About Buildings And Food Talking Heads again! I snapped this one up from Ebay the same day I bought 77 on there too - baargains. After hearing 'The Big Country' during the trailer for the recently released movie 20th Century Women, I fell even a little more in love with TH and decided to discover them a little further. FYI - the rest of the soundtrack of 20th CW promises to be a TREAT too. V excited to see it tomorrow! (4) Cliff Martinez, Drive Score 5th Year Anniversary Edition Is it possible to fall in love with vinyl? I did with this one. Not one but TWO PINK vinyl's in this stunning score of Nicolas Winding Refn's epic 'Drive'. Featuring thee unforgettable, beautiful 'Nightcall' by Kavinsky, Under Your Spell by Desire and every other beautiful sound from the movie - a classic that I will treasure FOREVER. I bought mine on Amazon here.

My other current favourite vinyl's are: Parallel Lines by BlondieJane Birkin Serge GainsbourgMarvin Gaye's Greatest Hits (shoutout to Dig Vinyl Liverpool for this! <3), Stop In The Name Of Love by Diana Ross & The SupremesThe End Of Comedy by Drugdealer and Los Niños Sin Miedo by The are some of my favourite tracks from them...

A mini playlist:

Je t'aime, moi non plus - Jane Birkin Serge Gainsbourg
Got to give it up - Marvin Gaye
Get Ready - Diana Ross & The Supremes
The End of Comedy - Drugdealer
No me gusta, te quiero - The Parrots

++ an extra, Wicked Games by Widowspeak - soooo nice.



1 Dress Styled 3 Ways

The lovely people at sent me over this beautiful schwiiingin' 70's vibe floral dress which I decided to style up in 3 different ways. Very have an amazing selection of dresses by some of my favourite brands including Miss Selfridge who designed this floral dream. I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it online. I'm not generally much of a "dressy" person, even on a night out i'll revert to jeans and a crop top. I feel like some dresses on the high street are sometimes a little too dressy and never anywhere in between. 

This Miss Selfridge number quickly changed all that! It has everything I like - not too short/long, not showing off all the bust area, floaty, skims over any "chubby" bits and flatters all the best parts...oh and the sleeves, did I mention the sleeves? The best bit about this dress are the super 70's bell sleeves that look so cool when ya getting down on the dancefloor and even better when you're waving over to the barman for your 3rd 5th drink. Here's 3 ways to wear the dress from day to night....heads up - the dress I am wearing in this post is now £28 down from £40 on Very, just click here!


The dress can also double up as a skirt and be worn underneath a jumper to give it more a laid back, day-time look - for saaaaay, a trip to the local pizza parlour with your mates!

Jumper: vintage | Neckerchief: harley davidson shop | Belt: H&M | New Balance trainers: Tk Maxx | Bag: Primark



Is it a skirt, is it a dress?! This time, it's a top. What a versatile lil piece of clothing, right? Tucked into some high waisted jeans, add a pair of your go-to trainers (mine are forever and always, converse) and this would be the ideal look for a trip to cinema with ya mates or to wear to a gig, comfy/casual but the dress (mainly because of the sleeves) adds a lil' somethin'-somethin'.

Jeans: H&M | Belt: H&M | Converse: Amazon | Earrings: Topshop | Jacket: vintage at Soho's Liverpool

DINNER DATE (aka take me for more pizza)

Dress: C/O Very | Ankle Boots: Office (charity shop)

Photos by Xie Qin Gru

Aaaaand lastly, the dress as it is destined to be - a dress, duh. Perfect for heading right back to the pizza place you started the day off in, and this dress hides a pizza belly like. no. other. Please excuse the pealy wally legs (as my dad would say which basically means PALE af). That's what living in the UK does to you, goodbye tan.

One dress, three Veeery different ways to wear it - see what I did there??

Shop The Look:


Let's Talk | Class Appropriation In Fashion

Gosha Rubchinskiy is said to be one of the most exciting designers in street wear right now...but is the hype justified?

>> Charlotte Russell discusses the issues of class and how the latest trends and being 'edgy' might be suggesting more about us than we think...
What is ‘class appropriation?’ Two words, so political when divided, that when combined it creates nothing less of an abrupt, blaze debate on our current social situation. Disclaimer, I am not having a dig at you, reader, if you happen to relate to some of the people in this post. But I merely want to put forward the idea that perhaps this concept of ‘class appropriation’ is slowly becoming a thing. And is this ok?

Discourse surrounding cultural appropriation has been increasingly prominent over the last year or so, y’know finally with relation of our worlds understanding of respect for political history and all that. But can we go as far as to say that another privileged portion of society (this time not necessarily just the white western part of it) but the middle classes (or any other if we want to include intersections) are becoming advocates of a different type of appropriation? If you don’t know what I’m getting at, look around you. Look at what it means to be ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’ and you must know at least one person that pops up. Maybe they’re wearing a pair of Reeboks, or a baseball hat, or an old zip up fleece and then begin to question where these ‘fashion statements’ have come from.
Don’t get me wrong, I know numerous people who dress up in head-to-toe Adidas tracksuits and look bloody awesome. Also before I continue I would just like to include a disclaimer here, but I myself do also identify with being ‘middle class’. Yet I’m afraid that Gideon-from-Hampshire-who-has-a-trust-fund is not and never will be the next Stormzy. Perhaps Gideon can rap, perhaps he has a lot of things to say about our recent political situation, and perhaps he is very talented. But I’m afraid to say that trust fund Gideon is also not from the ends of South London, and most definitely does not ever wear cheap sportswear.

Source: google

If you can’t see it yet, walk in to a ‘vintage’ shop. Because poor Gideon is the butt of one huge corporate joke right now. Recently I went into a shop to find that they were charging £50 for an old Kappa jumper! Because they can. Because they know there are people out there who will pay this much for a ‘vintage’ jumper to look ‘edgy’. This ‘vintage’ jumper 2 years ago would have probably cost them no more than £10.
Is looking ‘edgy’ nowadays therefore synonymous with looking like you come from ‘the ends’? As if being cool is synonymous with not looking like you’re rich. But what is the big difference here? A lot of people who choose to represent themselves this way are. The class appropriation that is happening here is the fact that these people have the CHOICE to switch this off. It is the choice to dress in a tracksuit all day, but a high-end tuxedo by night which differentiates them from others. It is the fact that nowadays everyone knows that their vintage garms cost them an absolute packet, and in return has created this sort of weird cycle.
I suppose you could argue with me and say that class appropriation could even work both ways - say a working-class person who decides to dress up in an expensive suit perhaps. Yet a more high end branded suit carries off the image of wealth and success, a working-class person is not necessarily appropriating middle class culture because the middle classes are not oppressed in the same way. As a wealthy person, the ability to dress however they want is what shows us that this appropriation exists, and it’s the cheek of exploiting urban culture – making it completely unaffordable and therefore only wearable by those who are rich enough – which shows the increasing emancipation of the middle

Though Adidas' recent Original Is Never Finished campaign and new ad is undoubtedly pretty stunning cinematically, could Adidas clothing and brands alike be misrepresenting this style as 'fashionable' to the upper-class who can afford it and inaccessible to the working/lower class who were once associated with urban culture?
Because arguably with this in mind, it is only the reasonably well-off who can afford to dress in a way that was once associated with urban culture at the moment. I suppose we can blame our current ‘scene’. Let’s point the finger at Skepta why don’t we? This guy has an exceeding amount of power since his music became popular (I’m sorry but Konnichiwa is bangin’ - don’t even try to disagree) and in his music videos and the people he is surrounded with are seen as presenting themselves in a way which is currently echoed throughout this current ‘scene’. They are cool because their music is great, and in return they also look good. Their music is deeply rooted within working-class culture and as a result this has now become ‘cool’. I mean, too right, it’s great to see working class people finally making a comeback in the music scene. But since becoming famous (and most likely incredibly rich) can we still count Skepta in this bracket? Is he as a result, like these ridiculous vintage shops, also exploiting a certain culture in a bid to sell records and make money?

Source: google
Whatever your beliefs are, he is. But the difference between Skepta and, say, your posh friend from the home counties is, Skepta is exploiting a culture and form of identity that he has lived with his whole life (as far as I believe, unless he comes out with some big revelation and he is actually an actor who goes by the name Geoffrey from Kent). Gideon from Hampshire is not. Think of this the next time you go to fork out a million pounds on a baseball cap, or the next time you see yourself complementing your mates ‘wavey’ new bomber jacket. Because, I hate to say it, you and they probably will/do look cool. But just remember you are giving your money to an idea which has exploited and in turn made a style - which was once affordable for a certain section of society - completely ridiculous. Think of the connotations, the class and the culture associated with what you are wearing, and ask yourself, are you being respectable enough to say that you identify with this and the background associated with the class that these garms once possibly represented?

Or do you disagree and think fashion's reappropriation of British Working Class Culture isn't a bad thing? (see article here - the comments section and the Guardian article are well worth a read too, or do you agree with this article?)

By Charlotte Russell
Follow Charlotte on Twitter @swankychar


5 Films To See In 2017

>> 2017 is looking great for film so far, Rose Dymock rounds up five films she's most excited for this year...


It’s already out in the US, winning accolades and awards all over the place, but this feels like a film that will become an instant classic. Based on a play by Tarell Alvin McCraney, it follows the story of a young black boy living in America as he deals with the struggles of his homosexuality, as well as growing up in poverty. With three different actors playing Chiron at the different stages of his life, Moonlight feels like an innovative and interesting portrayal of the reality of the life of an outsider.

Released on 17th February
The Belko Experiment

Written by James Gunn, the director Guardian of the Galaxy, The Belko Experiment follows an ordinary work place in America that is suddenly placed in lock down by an unknown group. Forced to turn on each other in order to survive, things soon turned nasty. The Belko Experiment is definitely not a film to take a date to.

Released on 17th March
Free Fire

Ben Wheatley’s newest film has more than a touch of Reservoir Dogs to it, as it follows a gun deal that swiftly turns into a full-blown shoot out in an abandoned warehouse. Set in the 70s in an unknown US city, it features Cillian Murphy, Brie Larson and more flared trousers than you can count. A tense, funny thriller, Free Fire looks set to be one of the most entertaining films of the year.

Released on 21st April

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Picking from where 2015’s The Force Awakens left off, there isn’t a huge amount of plot details around at the moment, but it’s clear that it involves a lot more Luke Skywalker action, as well as being a lot darker than the previous film. And, judging by Rogue One’s recent success, exploring a darker side of the Star Wars universe is always a good thing.

Released in December 2017

The Death of Stalin

Again, not a huge amount of information for this one, but Armando Iannucci’s film about the last few days of Stalin and the impact of his death sounds somewhat grim at first. However, if you’ve ever watched The Thick of It or In the Loop Iannucci’s ability for making politics as ridiculous and petty as possible promises a very entertaining film.

Release Date TBD
I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of films for 2017, and if you want to read more ramblings about films, check out my blog!

By Rose Dymock


An Interview With...Hinds

Credit: Pooneh Ghana
It's no secret that i'm a big fan of Hinds. Ever since I was introduced to their song Bamboo, I fell head over heels for these four Madrid rockers - shortly after I managed to see them on their anticipated UK tour, nab some Viva Hinds merch, as well as of course their debut album Leave Me Alone. I saw them again in Madrid last summer at the Gay Pride...these guys are just an absolute treat to see live and have so much energy that I would very happily see them again and AGAIN!

For those that aren't up to date, Hinds are a four-piece band from Spain consisting of Ana Perrote and Carlotta Cosials, both on guitar and vocals, Ade Martin on bass and Amber Grimbergen on the skins. They're the it band, the band you want to be with, look like and party with - for me, anyway. Starting out as friends, Cosials and Perrote began initially doing Bob Dylan covers on Youtube and later released two singles Bamboo and Trippy Gum which caught the media's attention. The other two joined shortly after however, fun fact: the band were originally called Deers but some band with a similar name in Canada demanded they change it, then Hinds were formed.

Hinds are at the top of their game right now, and have toured worldwide throughout 2016 across the UK, Europe, the US, Asia and Australia after the release of their debut record. Leave Me Alone is filled with 12 vibrant, garage-pop, low-fi toe tapping tracks - which sound even better performed live. Despite their busy schedule and more tour dates planned this year (including Coachella!!) - the band kindly took some time to answer a few of my questions...

What are 3 words (in English or Spanish) that you would use to describe Hinds?

Energia, cansancio and beer.

What is the band's favourite pizza topping?

Extra cheese!!

Which album inspired you the most in Hinds music career?

2 by Mac Demarco is a favourite.

What is your favourite quote to live by?

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life".

What are your favourite things about being a band?

Writing songs and playing live shows across the world.

Credit: Aaron Serrano

If you could play one festival for the rest of your life, which festival would you choose?

Benicassim FIB (in Spain) - we've been going there since we were very young and have played there before and we love it. There are always great artists playing it's near the beach and it's sunny.

Which: jamon & queso, only queso or only jamon?

Queso! One of us has just became a vege, so no jamon

When you aren't touring or recording, what is your favourite thing to do in your free time?

We love seeing movies and cooking at home. The sort of things we don't have much time to do on tour.

What's the best thing about your hometown Madrid?

The people, the beautiful weather (in summer of course) and the streets.

Drake has been mentioned a few times on your social media pages, it would appear you guys are a fan! Would you ever collaborate with Drake?

PLEASE! Do you have his number??

Bands always get a rider (free box of food/drink) on tour - which are the 3 foods you always love in your rider?

Hummus, chips and avocado.

Lastly, what will Hinds be doing next?

We're going to write more songs, record more music and release a second album soon! Stay tuned!


Gracias Hinds - hasta luego!


Let's Talk | Comparison

...orrrrr so some guy called Theodore Roosevelt once quoted, smart guy huh? Comparison is something I have shamelessly done in the past and i'm sure i'm not alone in this, yup? Most likely at some point in your life you've compared your life, body, looks, hair, wealth, photo of breakfast on Instagram (lol i'm joking) - to someone else...but why? Well, for no good reason at all, because exactly as the quote says, comparison is a thief, it's the bad guy that makes you feel like everything you have is irrelevant because someone else 'has it so much better' and takes away your own (v precious) happiness...

Social media is such a huge industry now, filled with talented bloggers, artists, musicians, youtubers, even non celebrities have somehow became, celebrities? - it can sometimes feel like you're a wee fish swimming in a very big pond of people doing amazing things with their lives, and you're kinda doggy paddling to the surface - ya know what I mean?

We may look at these other people getting their book deals, their own beauty ranges, campaigns with big brands - whatever it may be - and think, eh, am I doing something wrong here?

Truth is, we're not doing anything wrong. Here's an example, i've fully grown out of my phase of wanting to be the next Zoella *cringe* - though i'll still admit yes, she is hugely successful from what she's done and that can make anyone a little bit envious, but it's just not me! Maybe it was when I was 13, but fast forward to 21, and I want different things from life and this blog - I want to provide more meaningful, good content and I have completely different tastes. If I copied what she did and followed the same route, maybe I would get successful, but then again, i'd be completely selling my soul and lying to myself and everyone around me! So what i'm trying to say is, don't get side tracked by other people's successes just because they appear "happier" and "wealthier" and just be yourself. Sooner or later, people will love what you do, because you do...and everyone has their own timing, so if success hasn't happened yet, it will, as long as you focus on your goals. The other people you keep comparing yourself to are probably doing something that is different to your own interests and also, their upbringing, life, social circle, family, situation, personality, mental health, confidence are not the same as yours and therefore everyone's experience, and timing, is different. Instead, see these people as a nod to this growing creative industry and as inspiration, but not as comparison/jealousy, cause that's when things get nasty! *raven voice*

The *sort of* comforting thing is that we all do compare every now and then, so remind yourself that there's probably someone out there that would love to have what you have, and you'll realise how great you've got things already. We've all got something someone else doesn't and that's why each and every one of us is soo bloody gr8 - we've all got something unique to bring to the table. Next time you catch yourself comparing your life to someone else's, switch off those side eye glasses, count your blessings, look straight ahead and keep doing YOU.


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