6 Tech Things You Need To Know About

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ahhh, technology! What a confusing yet wonderful thing it can be. I've been tech-obsessed ever since I got a Nintendo DS when I was a teenager and learnt how to create my first profile on Bebo. With technology advancing and changing all the time, and our social media feeds being over saturated with information, it's hard to find the best that technology has to offer. I've narrowed down some of my favourite things on the internet & social media of the moment, so you can discover them too!


The Podcast app has been on my Iphone for years, as it's one that's automatically downloaded by Apple. It was only until this year that I finally started using this part of my phone and I'm so glad I did! As long as they're all pre - downloaded, the app doesn't require Wifi/3G to be used, so you can literally select any one of your downloaded playlists and listen to it wherever you are. So you can make that walk round the park an educational one, pop your phone nearby while you take a bath, make that 5 minutes in the dentist waiting room a little less dull, or pop a podcast on while you cook your dinner - whenever, wherever, as Shakira would say (lol). I've been loving listening to Emma Gannon's Ctrl Alt Delete podcasts, No Such Thing As Fish, Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4, The Guardian's Science Weekly and so much more - it's the perfect way to fill your spare time with some thought provoking topics and get that brain ticking along. You can pick literally anything from comedy, to learning a new language, interviews or philosophical topics and more - so go onto that unused Podcast app on your phone and learn something new!


A friend introduced me to this fantastic website and it's so much fun and a must for any music lover! Though it's pretty self explanatory once you go onto the site, I'll summarise it anyway! You can basically select any country on the map, and choose an era and the site will pick a song at random from that era in that country. You can also create a 'taxi ride' (playlist) where you can select as many different decades and destinations as you want then you can share it with friends and it will take you on a 'taxi ride' through time in music. It's such good fun and I've discovered some really amazing music through this website.

Into The Fold mag: www.intothefoldmag.com

Former blogger Camilla Ackley quite recently re-launched her blog as an online magazine and it's becoming one of my favourite go to sites to do a bit of reading. You can read about her story in The Guardian here, it's very interesting! ITF features opinion pieces, real-life experiences, style and travel posts and more. I've read some really interesting articles on there and it's inspired me to take my blog in a slightly different direction and get other writers involved with my blog. I love what she's doing and I think other bloggers should take note too!

35 MM - A group for cinephiles: www.vimeo.com/groups/35mmandrisdamburs

Again, a friend introduced me to this group on Vimeo.com during my first year of university and afterwards I ended up spending hours on there, watching video after video, but it's super interesting and informative! They're kind of like visual essays, where creators can share their view on the history of 35mm cinema, quotes of famous directors, documentary, music and animation on film and more. It's perfect for film students if you want to research a little further into a film/director you're studying and helps you see things in films you may have not noticed before!


As previously mentioned in the Girl Guide on my blog about Liverpool Girl Geeks, coding is becoming the new IT topic in the tech world and it's actually pretty exciting! Though there is still so many changes to be made in the world, it's amazing that people (including model Karlie Kloss) are creating coding classes for young girls to get involved with. Basically coding is what makes up the websites we go onto and the apps we use on our smartphones and tablets. Social media and technology are forever changing therefore giving girls the chance to learn how to get involved in a big way is a huge step forward for society. 

Ted Talks: https://www.ted.com/

Similarly to podcasts, I've been a little addicted to watching Ted Talks as of late. TED began appearing randomly on my Facebook feed about 2 years ago and I got hooked. Now I can watch them on their website, app or YouTube Channel and there are so many videos to choose from. TED is devoted in spreading ideas normally through the form of short, powerful talks by inspiring people - philosophers, psychologists, teachers, professors, models, journalists, doctors, scientists...you name it! There's always something thought provoking to listen to and it's a great way to spend your time online.