The Film Club #6

Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Black Mirror

have recently released the third season of Charlie Brooker's tv series Black Mirror and it's my favourite series yet! For those unfamiliar, it's an anthology series ie: there is a different story and different set of characters in each episode. For me this is a good thing because I love knowing that each new episode will be completely different but just as compelling as the last.

Black Mirror explores the potentially dark consequences of our modern world particularly looking at the unexpected outcomes of new technologies. The series talks about the impact of smartphones and social media, virtual reality, time travel, autonomous drone insects, the power of the hashtag and more. Brooker has so successfully written and thought out these stories that they put you on edge and make you feel uneasy watching them. It makes you even question and fear that these made up stories could actually happen in our future. 

The great thing about the series is you can watch whichever episode you fancy in any order or dip in and out of the series as you like. They don't follow any order and each tell a new and thrilling story, I doubt you'll find an episode you won't enjoy.

I, Daniel Blake

I, Daniel Blake is the moving story by Ken Loach which tells the story about Daniel, an ill carpenter who finds himself in need of state welfare. While on another tedious visit to the job center, he meets a desperate single mother experiencing the same problem as himself. Together, they discover that negotiating in the 'red tape' proves rather difficult for two people that really need the help. It's one of the most real films I have ever seen, where literally everything was relatable and relevant. It wasn't sugar coated or airy fairy - just plain old, gritty, naked reality...which was probably the most heart wrenching thing about it. It's not all easy viewing but it gives out a very important message and leaves you with a lot to think about. This is the first of Ken Loach's films I have seen and it's encouraged me to see more of his work.



James Ward Byrkit's makes an impressive directorial debut in the low-budget, 1hr and a half long Coherence where a dinner party of 8 friends ends up in a thrilling chain of events. This sort of film wouldn't normally peak my interest but I was overall surprised by how good it was. Not only is the overall story great, and unlike anything I've seen before, but the characters and dialogue which felt almost effortless, as if I was at the dinner party with them. Coherence takes many twists and turns, taking your mind on a bit of a crazy journey. If you enjoy psycho thrillers, sci-fi and films that get your brain thinking then you will love this!


                                                   The Nice Guys

I actually saw this months ago, but forgot to mention it in the film club and I think it deserves a shout out. The Nice Guys features Ryan Gosling (OMG) and Russell Crowe (meh) who are a mismatched pair of private eyes investigating a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star in 1970's Los Angeles. This movie ticked all the boxes, comedy - tick, amazing 70's fashion - tick, great soundtrack - tick, good storyline - tick, action - tick...the Gos - BIG tick. Entertaining, fast and punchy - a movie that will keep your attention from start till finish and you won't be bored!