A Chester Travel Guide

Monday, November 14, 2016
My parents and I recently had a weekend 'getaway' in Chester! The trip consisted of a bit of wandering, a bit of sightseeing, shopping, taking snaps and a heck lot of eating. Here are some of my top things to see/do/eat in Chester:

Have a wander along the high street...

Chester is definitely up there as one of the top uk cities to shop in. Similarly to Liverpool, Saturday was buzzing with people all along the high street. There is literally every shop you can imagine right up till the high end brands and a giant LUSH (amaze) - what was even more special was the street itself, with my favourite shops inside old Tudor buildings. So even if you aren't going shopping, a walk along here just to look at the architecture in itself is enjoyable.

Stop for some brunch at Atina kitchen...

Whilst on our lil wander, we stumbled across Atina Kitchen and with quick glance at the menu and exterior, we were sold, and starving. It's listed as one of the best places to eat in Chester on Trip Advisor so we knew we were in good hands.

I ordered the fruit smoothie and veggie style breakfast including: halloumi, tomatoes, smashed avocado, spinach, 2 poached eggs and English muffin (instead of pitta, cause I'm fussy). My dad got the full English and my mum, the eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce. We were all happy with the delicious food. There were lots of lovely, fresh flavours and I felt well and truly fueled up for the day. If you go, which you should, let Mark know I sent you!

Take a walk inside the Chester cathedral...

I thought after travelling in Spain, you've seen one cathedral, you've seen them all. This is half true, after seeing the cathedral in Toledo, I'm not sure I'll see a building as amazing ever again. But they're all different, in some way or another. It's free to visit the Chester cathedral, but you can also pay for a guided tour and a trip to the top for views of the city. I was still taken aback by the building, the ceilings, the organs, the tiled floors, the wooden carvings. There's always something to take away from it and I would definitely recommend the visit! Also, they are currently building a smaller, lego version of the cathedral indoors, so naturally I asked my mum for £1 to contribute a piece, and I got a sticker...I am not a normal 21 year old.

Take a stroll down Godstall Lane...

Tucked in away from the city is the narrow little Godstall lane. Adorned with a few shops, some bars including The Botanist - it's a lovely quiet little area stop for a drink and chill. Like the true Brits we are, we stopped at the Cheshire Sandwich Company for tea and scones. Brit clichés aside, the cafe/lounge was lovely with big comfy sofas and magazines and had a relaxed vibe. Apparently the sandwiches are some of the best in the UK too.

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet guide to Chester. It's a lovely small city, and despite the size has a good nightlife too and lots of great venues that we didn't even get to try. The time we had there was little but I think we made the most of it and I would love to go back again!