Wednesday, July 13, 2016
A Summer In Spain

A Summer In Spain

Hola! I'm writing to you from a very sunny Spain where I moved nearly a month ago now - wow, crazy how time flies huh. So much has happened and it feels so long ago since I set foot on the plane to Madrid. I wasn't intending to blog while I was away, what with looking after two children (au pairing btw, not my own!) and exploring what this amazing city has to offer - but I've genuinely missed writing on my blog and think it needs a good ole update.

When I get back to Liverpool come September I will resume my usual fashion & make up posts, but for now the blog is taking a break away from it, just like myself, like seriously -  over here I wear make up 10% of the time and am about 99% in a bikini - it's great.

Honestly, I was preeeetty nervous before coming here - I've never done anything like this before and this is probably the longest I've gone without being home but I'm surprised at how quickly I've adapted and how comfortable I feel here. My family are so super lovely and their kids are adorable too - it's been tricky at times but so worth being here. 

Here are some other things that have happened since my arrival:

- I've met the most incredible people from different parts of the world - American, German, French, Australian, Scottish - all brought together (I know I sound so cheesy, can't. help. it. ) for the same reason in one city and we all get along so well. I was quite worried of not having a good social life outside of au pairing but have been out and about spending time with new friends and exploring this new city together so the worrying was unnecessary!

- I experienced the biggest pride in the world 'Madrid Orgullo'. Like seriously, the biggest parade you have ever seen - parties on every street of Madrid till morning and lots of sangria. I also saw my favourite band Hinds perform in Plaza de Espana this night which was followed by 2 hours straight of dancing outdoors.

- I went to Pamplona, just last weekend for the famous San Fermin festival, which was honestly such a blast - everyone wearing the same red & white uniform, marching bands, drinking and dancing in the streets, people throwing water out of windows (it was BAKING hot) - 1 hour of sleep in a park then 8am to see some crazy people run away from a herd of bulls and cows. It was such a weird and wonderful tradition to experience - and the Spanish really love to party so I would recommend going to this, i'd love to go again!

- I visited the beautiful city of Avila with my (host) family. The day was spent marveling at Spanish architecture, which I have become infatuated with - I wanna marry a building.

- I've ate delicious Spanish food (tortilla, tapas, croquetas, bocadillos...etc) and got used to the late meal times (10pm most nights) here. Pool all day, eat at night - my kinna lifestyle.

- I've got sunburnt. I've tied about 100 water balloons for the kids. I've realised kids can be happy or amused by the smallest thing. I've learnt quite a lot of Spanish already. I've drank a lot of gazpacho and ate a lot of olives. I've found meditation in swimming, after doing it for 15 minutes and realising no thought other than me swimming went through my head. I've had a café con leche and actually enjoyed it (normally coffee hates me). 

So much has happened already and I still have another month to go and travelling to do afterwards - I miss home occasionally but at the same time it makes me sad and want to stuff my face with tapas at the thought of leaving this lovely country.