Sun Is Shinin'

White denim jacket: Asos | Trousers: Asos | Crop Top: Zara | Old Skool Vans: Depop | Rucksack: Accessorize | Keyring Pompom: Topshop | Quay sunglasses: Topshop

Photos by Xie Qin Gru

The sun's a shinin' in Liverpool so I knew these gorgey pink linen trousers would be a great investment when I popped them in my wee basket on Asos.com. They're really comfy and swishy and linen is a fab fabric for warm days (and yes they need to be ironed). I also got this Vila white denim jacket as well - seeing as I already have a blue, black and grey one - why not add a white one? It adds a fresh touch to this pale pink and black combo - and there's no stains on it so far, but i've only had it a day so...

Also - the Quay sunglasses!!! I am in loveeee with them. They're in stock at Topshop - where I tried on about 10 pairs before I decided these guys were, the chosen ones. They're mirrored so you can stare at people and they won't even know, but no one should do that cause that's creepy af - nevertheless, v cool sunglasses yup?
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