Hatters Gonna Hat

Images from Pinterest

Summer is creepin' up on us and if the sun's gonna be shining - then a summer hat is a must! Not only do they look fab, but, without sounding like a health advisor, they'll protect your wee noggin's as well! I'm one of those pale British people that burns quiiiite easily and have had heat stroke one time in my life from being overexposed to the sun all day (I know embarrassing). I think if only i'd got the idea out of my head that I look silly in a hat, that could have been prevented! 

After scouring Pinterest I realised there are sooo many varied, stylish options to wear so that the whole 'twat in a hat' thing (lol) can be easily avoided. So, if you're the more casual type, a sport branded cap would be ideal, or if you're after something a bit more elegant, then a floppy hat or fedora will be right up your street! Shaded, protected from the sun and you'll look so gud - win win.
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