Some women who inspire me...

Cumming is a 19 year old (yes, 19!) vocalist and bassist in Sunflower Bean as well as model for the likes of Saint Laurent. This girl is so inspiring! She is living proof you can pretty much be and do whatever you want, at any age. You want to be in a band? Be in a band! You want to try out modelling? Go for it. Julia Cumming is breaking down the barriers between fashion and punk by wearing whatever the hell she wants, doing her make up non conventionally and being the lead girl of an amazing rock band - slayyyyy Julia, slay. Listen to Sunflower Bean here!

 Angelina Jolie

The obvious amazing thing about Jolie is of course her beauty (yawwwn, we all know) but let's not forget she is a hugely successful actress, director, producer, ambassador, activist, humanitarian and mother...is there anything she doesn't do? What I love most about her is that she has used her status as actress and channelled it into something to help others including being ambassador for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She also promotes various causes, including conservation, education, and women's rights - it's okay to feel a little jealous but at the same time it's more important to be grateful to have such an inspirational woman in this world! 

 Grace Coddington

Former model and creative director at Vogue - Grace Coddington is a hugely inspiring and intelligent woman in the fashion industry who shaped her fashion shoots into art rather than the main aim being to sell. Though the first person to come to mind when we think of Vogue, is Anna Wintour, Vogue wouldn't be the way it is today without Coddington's creative influence. She's innovative and different, and remained an important presence behind the camera following a car accident and having a series of reconstructive operations. From her work at Vogue, you can tell she wasn't afraid to try anything new, and was hugely passionate about fashion as a creative art form rather than cold, hard commerce. You can buy 'Grace, A Memoir' - here!


Similarly to Julia Cumming, the Spanish quartet stemming from Madrid are breaking down barriers in the rock/grunge music industry showing you can be a woman in a rock band. I know this is something women have been doing a while (Debbie Harry, Kim Gordon etcetc) but I feel there is still a stigma around it and the more girls that come into the industry, the more normalised it will be. I find these girls so inspiring in style, musical talent and I just love what they do! They are having fun and on stage, you can tell they are enjoying themselves to the fullest. An inspiring group of women, producing an individual sound and expressing their creativity through music and visuals. Listen to Hinds here!

Laura Bates

The creator and founder behind "Everyday Sexism", Laura Bates is a British feminist writer. The aim of her website is to allow people to express their everyday experiences of sexist abuse and women's experience of gender inequality - which became more successful than she could have ever imagined. I think she has done a hugely brave thing in creating this website, giving women a chance to finally speak out about sexism which can often go un noticed. She's made a huge impact in the feminist movement and she's a great idol to look up to who is dismantling gender stereotypes. See her Everyday Sexism website here.

Anita Roddick

Dame Anita Roddick was a businesswoman, human rights activist and environmental campaigner who was the founder and creator of our beloved beauty favourite - The Body Shop. The shop still remains hugely successful and popular to this day mainly down to its products that shaped ethical consumerism. She had large involvement with Greenpeace and The Big Issue - she was a woman who had a strong belief in helping the environment and others whilst creating a business that benefits many peoples lives. What a lady. Get her book, 'Business As Unusual' here!

 Tina Fey

You may remember this gal first appearing on your screen circa Mean Girls? Well, Tina Fey has just gone from strength to strength ever since - now starring in widely popular comedies and sitcoms and chat shows. It's refreshing to see a lady not take herself too seriously in the media industry, and take on the comedic role normally portrayed by a man. She's confident and intelligent and is showing us gurls out there we can be funny and clumsy too whilst being a strong, independent woman.

Malala Yousafzai

Back in 2012, Malala survived a gun attack whilst boarding her school bus in Pakistan. She didn't let this incident in her life stop her from moving forward and channelled her energy into politics and feminist rights. She is now an activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. Despite being told she couldn't do certain things in her country, because she was a woman, she refused to let religion stop her from having an education and stood up for her and other women in her country. She inspires me to stand up for myself and what I believe in and not be swayed by others. Get Malala's book - here!
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