What's In My Record Collection

I should say "collection", because, well it's not much of one just yet. I only started buying vinyl just over a year ago - one afternoon whilst bored, I discovered my dad's old records back home which I then started playing on our turntable, not long after I asked for my own record player for Christmas and well, the rest is history! It's a liiiiittle bit addictive now but a good addiction to have though, I think...

1. Hinds - Leave Me Alone: This is a pretty recent addition but already one of my absolute favourites - the record is also yellow FYI, how amazing, love a coloured vinyl. Anyhoo, if you read my blog often, you'll know i'm a big fan of Hinds, so much so I scare myself when i'm wearing their band t shirt, jumper and listening to their music all at the same time, sorry definitely not sorry. (Probe records, Liverpool)

2. Donna Summers - I Feel Love (remix): I am such a huge fan of the 70's disco era, which also scares me, because, my mum does too, and i'm 20 y-o - technically that just means my mum has super cool music taste though ya? I picked this up in Liverpool's Dig Vinyl (the best in the Pool) and asked the cashier to play it for me in the store and then I knew I had to buy it because it is such a classic, and the customers started having a little boogie too - a crowd pleaser for sure...and it includes an extended remix version too. 

3. George McCrae - Rock Your Baby: More 70's disco of course! George McCrae is the ultimate, feel good, pick-me-up guy in disco. I picked up this wonderful album for £4, again, at Dig Vinyl - only having heard the song Rock Your Baby previously was maybe a bit risky to buy a whole album, but I can confirm that every other song is just as great. My other favourites are, I Can't Leave You Alone and Make it Right - and basically every other song on there - soooo perfect to sing along to. 

4. David Bowie - Let's Dance: This is actually my Dad's record, which I nabbed heheee. Unless you've been living under a rock (I really hope you haven't) then you'll know how amazing Bowie is and that his music will go down in history, forever, 'cause quite frankly, he was and is the best. This album includes my all time favourites China Girl and of couuurse, Let's Dance - the man can do no wrong, apart from dying, that was shit. 

5. Sister Sledge - We are Family: Oh my giddy goody godddddd. This is by far, my favourite album. If I had to go to a desert island (and there was a record player...) with only one record, I would take this one. Again, a 70's disco album, which was one of Sister Sledge's biggest successes - the album was written and produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers, the guy that also co-wrote with Daft Punk for Get Lucky & Lose Yourself To Dance - basically, the man worked wonders with this record and created the most beautiful album. (bought online)

6. Otis Redding - Otis Redding Sings Soul: Another of my favourite genres is some good old 60's r&b soul. This record comprises some of Redding's best tracks and covers including favourite My Girl & Satisfaction - i'm normally not a fan of covers but it's impossible not to love Redding's voice, he could even sing me his shopping list and i'd enjoy it I reckon. (bought online)

7. The Supremes - Meet The Supremes: This was a bit of an experimental purchase as I don't often listen to Motown, but these ladies sing so beautifully and in such harmony, it's too good to not enjoy. It's a real upbeat album and perfect to play when the sun's a-shinin'. The vinyl sleeve also looks great on your shelf. (bought online)

8. Pointer Sisters - Havin' A Party: Yeah, so I really like 70's disco. As the title suggests, the album is perfect to get you in the party vibe and make you feel good. 

9. Twin Peaks - Wild Onion: This is my favourite garage rock album I own. After seeing the Chicago lads last year in Liverpool, I got hooked on their music and was playing this album all through summer, it really is that great. Think Rolling Stones Mick Jagger vibes from lead vocalists Clay & Cadien with a gritty, grungy sound - the perfect album to blast out on your record player. (bought online at Juno Records)

10. David Bowie - Aladdin Sane (or, a lad insane): It's hard to put into words how amazing Bowie is and this album really is one highlight of his greatness. Every song is a favourite.

11. Tops - Picture You Staring: I saw this wonderful band from Canada play in Liverpool last year who very quickly became a favourite of mine, and even more so when I got this vinyl (which also came with a lovely lil poster btw). Penny's gorgeous vocals mixed with the upbeat bedroom pop vibe makes for an album that makes my ears very happy indeed.

12. Foxygen - We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic: I saw these guys last year as well (see review here!) which was probably the most bizarrely unforgettable yet amazing gigs i've been to. A mixture of heavy acid rock and psychedelic folk with some Beatles vibes going on. 

13. Stevie Wonder - Hotter than July: I picked this up for about 2 euros in a little secondhand shop in France whilst on my summer break, and indeed, it is the perfect album to play on hot summer days in July. Stevie never fails to make you feel good!

14. Whitney Houston - Whitney: As well as the 70's, i'm a big fan of the 80's too which basically, Whitney Houston was the boss of. This album encompasses everything the 80's music scene was all about: bright, vibrant, pop - dance songs with a catchy lyric. Love will save the day and I wanna dance with somebody are the perfect party songs whilst Didn't we almost have it all and Where do broken hearts go are the perfect break up ballad's, or like, great to sing with your cat. (secondhand)

15. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours: I only got this off Amazon (booo) a few weeks ago, and now I don't know why I never had it before. Like Bowie, every song on here is a favourite - The Chain, Dreams, Oh Daddy ... all. of. them! A classic that should be in every persons record collection. (bought online)

16. Sunflower Bean - Human Ceremony: I only started listening to this NYC trio a month ago but it was pretty much love at first...listen? So I bought the album straight away, naturally. Sunflower Bean bring something so unique to the table and I loooove their sound, which the Guardian describes it as "sweetly melodic, dreamy psych rock". Fan of Hinds/Wolf Alice/Cherry Glazerr? Then you'll definitely love these guys too. (bought online).
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