March Playlist

Whoooa it's been a while guys! Sorryyyyy, but hey, i've put together another playlist for you so maybe you can forgive me? I've been discovering loads of new artists right, left and centre - from going to gigs, discovering through friends on Facebook and digging out my parent's old record collection - I just can't go a day without music!

1. Flamingosis - 1978 Such a groovy song for a boogie.

2. Aldous RH - Lov Coms Btwyn I've seen this guy twice, second time being last night and his set blew me away - this guy needs to release an album so I can listen everyday, get on it Al!

3. Whitney - Golden Days You can (and you should) pre order their album 'Light upon the lake' for 3rd of June, do itttttt.

4. Alvvays - Archie, Marry me The loveliest of love songs.

5. The Allah Lah's - Tell Me (What's on your mind) Love their Beatles/Kinks vibes.

6. Sister Sledge - One More Time Listen to the guitar solo 1:53 - 2.13 *eargasm*.

7. Sunflower Bean - Easier Said (& live version) from the album 'Human Ceremony' where, fyi, every song is excellenteee.

8. No Doubt - Don't Speak The soundtrack of my teens. I absolutely adored No Doubt back in eh day, and I'm rekindling my love for them again. I need a No Doubt reunion pleeease!

9. Magic Gang - She won't ghost Going to see these guys next week and I can't wait!

And here's an extra one because i'm feeling generous today! Her's have debuted their single 'Dorothy', I think it's wonderful and you need to hear it, listen here.

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