Gig Review | Whitney @ Leeds, Brudenell

Coming across a gem like Chicago band Whitney, doesn't happen very often, especially in a working mens club on the outskirts of Leeds. The brains behind the six piece are Max Kakacek, formally guitarist in Chicago garage band Smith Westerns, and Julien Ehrlich, previously the drummer of Unknown Mortal Orchestra

So far the band have already blessed us with two very differing singles, both in style and dynamic alike. Stand out moment of the set would be their most current single "No Woman", which amalgamates the band's varying style and instrumentation, which can be clearly seen in the pictures below...there was never a dull moment throughout the set and it made it all the more interesting for me to capture on camera!

"No Woman", although it may begin fairly mellow, gains momentum and finishes off with a beautiful blend of all instruments coming together for the final chorus - making you feel real damn fuzzy inside.

It may have seemed as though the audience were a little unresponsive to begin with, but I think this was purely because we were all in absolute awe of what we were Whitn-essing (haha geddit?). Frontman, Julien, was in fact both drummer and vocalist - something i've never seen before in live music - but in fact worked perfectly well with the overall vibe of the band. The band's onstage banter felt casual and not at all forced, mirroring their effortless sound, and overall appealing to the (presumably) stoned group of teens in the front row...

Another highlight of the set was the performance of their first single "No matter where we go" which had you instantly hooked from the very first guitar riff. The song differs in feel to "No Woman" with it's more upbeat tempo and catchy pop melodies...just listen for yourself here and I guarantee you'll be hooked on that guitar riff for daysssssss. *Jizz*

If you're a fan of George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young or alike, then Whitney will fill that empty bit of your heart that needs a good modern take on country soul!

These guys will be on tour throughout March, April & May this year so definitely try and catch them if you can. You can stay up to date with the band on their Facebook here and see all their tour dates here

Co-written with Sidonie Hand Halford (the coolest cat in town)

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