Gig Review | Hinds @ Leeds Brudenell

I'd been waiting and waiting for what seemed like forever to see Hinds. A friend introduced me to the band and I was instantly hooked from the first song I heard, Castigadas en el granero. The Madrid based garage-pop quartet consist of Ana Perotte and Carlotta Cosials on vocals and guitar, Ade Martin on bass and Amber Grimbergen on drums. The band released their first ever album 'Leave Me Alone' in January and announced their UK tour last year which very quickly sold out in EVERY city. I thought I wouldn't get the chance to see them and kept saying, if I don't see them - my 2016 will be ruined... lol i'm so dramatic. Luckily we managed to grab some tickets last minute and my dreams came true, I finally saw Hinds live!

The band played their most popular tracks Chilli Town, Bamboo and the more newly released songs from their debut album. Looking back, the gig does feel like some sort of dream/blur to have seen these four girls i've admired for quite a while now in front of me. I've never smiled throughout a gig as much as I did at Hinds. Ok, i'm a bit of a lightweight and I was two cans of Red Stripe down but nevertheless, it was their music that had me smiling constantly!

Their sound is rough around the edges and I don't always understand their lyrics but you can't deny how catchy and addictive their music is. Guitarist and vocalist, Carlotta, ranges from a soft, silky drawl to husky, Joplin-like vocals which are notably slightly out of time and tune with Ana's more steady voice which actually work so perfectly together. My friend described it as two friends singing together, having fun. They had you chanting along to Fat Calmed Kiddos, swaying to the smoother sounds from Garden and jumping all over the place to San Diego

What makes them so special is their individuality - never before have I seen a band of four girls rocking out and goofing around on stage with baggy t-shirts, effortless hairstyles, and scruffy sneakers - completely flipping the stereotype of 'girl bands' (even though that term sucks) around and nailing it. It sets them apart from the samey, indie rock bands of late.

The four finished off with their hit single Davey Crockett which was clearly a favourite of the crowd's as by the end, half of the audience were up on stage with Hinds themselves with them crowdsurfing - which fyi, is normally how a gig with Hinds ends if you ever see them. It was all over the place and messy but just so much fun, it was like Hinds were hosting the party and everyone was invited.

I want to make a quick shout out to the support band, Public Access T.V who kindly got us on the guest list - thank you!! They got everyone jigged up for Hinds with their scratchy, garage-rock sounds, a favourite of mine being On Location!

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