Forever In Denim

Pictures sourced from Pinterest: I do not take any credit for these photos.
If there's something I pretty much wear on the daily, it's denim - and if i'm not in denim, i'm probably in my pyjamas. I love wearing my ripped mom jeans with a slouchy knit jumper or tee tucked in or wearing my button-up denim mini with a crop top. The majority of the time, it's hard to go wrong with jeans and a top and it suits any occasion. Some ways to jazz up denim is by adding some colourful pop art badges, some iron on patches or you could bleach an old pair of jeans for a change. I love pairing a denim jacket with a pair of jeans in a different shade of denim -  imo, double denim looks great if styled right, and life's too short to give a damn about wearing a lot of denim.

And if you're a bit fed up with the usual straight leg/skinny style, try out some flares, head-to-toe denim dungarees, culotte jeans or the Mom jean style (which makes your butt look great fyi). Add a little sporty sock, some sneakers, a bomber jacket and ya good to go.
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