What's Kickin'?

Kicks, sneakers, trainers - whatever you call them - i'm obsessed with them all and I want them aaaaaaall! The older I get, the less attractive heels are to me - yes, they are oh-so-very beautiful to look at but who needs that kind of agony? I haven't got the time or effort to train myself to walk in them so trainers are my best friends now and i've sacked heels off like the unwanted member of the clique in Mean Girls -  trainers are the new queen Bee(s). 

Wear them with some boyfriend jeans to your lectures during the day then switch the jeans for a lil swishy dress or skirt at night. And you won't even find yourself complaining about your feet at the end of the night, you'll be so comfy it'll be like you're walking on clouds. Then you'll thank yourself while you watch all the poor souls struggling in their heels and doing the barefoot walk of shame.

Which ones are your fave? All of them? Same.
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