Winter Brights

Photos by Xie Qin Gru | Instagram: @sittingroom1108

Jacket: Vintage from Oxfam | Dress: Novem & Knight | Bag: Accessorize | Necklace: New Look | Shoes: Dr Martens | Iphone 5c phone case: Skinny Dip London | Scarf: photographers own

Like a true Brit i'm going to start this post off by complaining about the weather. It has been SO cold lately - so cold I just want to hibernate and not leave my room until it's back to normal temperatures again. It's grey and miserable a lot of the time - so why not brighten up the weather by wearing some colour? I'm normally more a black-white-grey person but i'm making an effort to inject a bit more colour in my wardrobe...and it's surprisingly a pretty good mood booster. I picked up this cute little vintage mac at Oxfam on Bold Street (Liverpool) - which is quite honestly one of the best charity shops I know, not biased ofc...I'm aware it makes me stick out like a sore thumb, but I love it - I even matched my MAC lipstick in 'lady danger' to the jacket - just because, more colour, why not. You may remember from my first Street Style post I was wearing this Novem & Knight dress but as a t-shirt instead, see how versatile it is - such a great wardrobe staple!

Yes it's winter (for some of us) and it's a bit miserable - but give it a go, put a bit of colour into your wardrobe!

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