A Pop Of Red

Photos by Xie Qin Gru | Instagram: @sittingroom1108

Vintage Orvis 'Barbour' Jacket | Skirt: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Vintage Jumper (similar here) | Beret: Topshop | Backpack: Marc Jacobs | Casio watch: www.watchshop.com | Chain necklace: Vintage  (similar-ish here) | Vans: cloggs.com

I think every piece of clothing you have, probably has some sort of story to go with it, right? - or an occasion that it reminds you of. Well, i'll tell you about mine.

The jumper was bought on Brick Lane in London on a day trip with my friend, it was £5 so I was compelled to get it - I love the vintage motif and the bright blue colour - it goes with jeans, trousers, skirts and looks cute with a collar popping out the top.

The coat was an impulse buy when browsing with a friend at Revolution on Bold Street in Liverpool. Their second floor is filled with vintage clothing and as soon as I tried this on, my money was on the counter before you could say "you're broke, remember?". It has the biggest pockets, a detachable hood and I laaav it - perfect for this crappy weather - I call it my 'tent' coat.

The skirt I was lusting after for ages in Urban Outfitters and wasn't patient enough to find a cheaper version however I've worn this skirt so many times I feel i've got my money's worth. Only downside is the buttons tend to pop open whenever they feel like it.

The beret and bag are my photographer's, who has the coolest style and I think she should make a blog too - we thought the beret tied in well with the red shoes and lips...even though I look a tad like a French cliché? Anyway, if Jenn Im can wear them then so can I.
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