How To Blog: 101

Blogspot? Wordpress? What even is a blog? WTF is a "html" code??

So, you want to start a blog. First things first, do it. Don't beat around the bush and wait for the right moment - the right moment is now, unless you can't access a computer - then maybe, the right moment isn't now... but seriously, do it, while you still have the urge to do so!

How to better your blogging skills:

1. Establish what your blog will be about, roughly. You can and will evolve in what you blog about over time. I started out writing about fashion, make up and wish lists and have now expanded to writing travel posts, reviews etc. which I love doing! You'll find other things that interest you along the way and different topics you can experiment with so just go with the floooooow. 

2. Find a good platform. Blogspot, Tumblr, Wordpress ... whatever suits you best, pick one and pick a name - don't stress too much about this. Maybe brainstorm, jot down a few ideas and a name will come to you!

3. Enjoy what you're writing. There is absolutely no point in rushing posts and writing anything just for the sake of a blog post. It will become tiring and boring, for you and your readers. If you blog about something you enjoy, it will show in your writing and your readers will enjoy it it too.

4. Use a planner, like one of these. It'll help you plan out your posts and jot down content ideas, see what you have to do and what you have done. It'll motivate you and make you feel more organised, yey!

5. One thing i'd highly recommend to better your blogging is scheduling, i.e. if you're a busy bee all week and find it stressful remembering to post everyday then you can prep your blog posts. For example, when I did my Berlin guide, I wrote all 3 posts on a Saturday and scheduled them to be posted for Monday to Wednesday. So while you're sitting in your 9am lecture on Monday, the work is being done for you, kind of - you just did it earlier - ya feel me? 

6. Once you've established which platform you'll use, make the blog as nice as you can but don't go spending crazy money designing it unless you feel that it's worth it. I spent a long time stressing over the appearance of my blog. For the first couple of years, I designed it myself and got stressed over it, comparing my blog to others that looked better than mine. Finally, in my third year of blogging, I decided I would spend a little on a new design and yes, it was worth it! But don't stress about this at the start, enjoy the writing process, put energy into content and the rest will come later.

7. Practice makes perfect. Rome wasn't built in a day, yada yada yada. Cheesy but true, guys! Your blog will not be everything you want it to be in a week or even a month. It is a gradual learning process that could take years. 4 years later, (I think, idk) i'm still learning how to use html, understand how blogs work, how to get the right sized photo, edit properly, write properly, remember to share every post and many other things. Enjoy the process and in you few years, if you continue to blog, you will look back and see how much you've learnt and developed. It'll be a great digital portfolio to show to future employers in the creative industry because it shows you have writing skills, editing skills, social media knowledge, photography skills and all that shabang! In other words, it will always be somewhat useful.

8. Remember: you're not writing for a magazine, you are your own boss, you can write whatever the heck you like (without offending anyone ofc) and there are no deadline pressures or risk of losing your job so remember to HAVE FUN! Take it as a light-hearted hobby like I do, and you'll feel way more relaxed about it. Basically what i'm saying is - you shouldn't give too many f**ks about what people think.

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