A Berlin Travel Guide: Where To Eat

Tuesday, February 02, 2016
Zuckerbaby Café and Deli - Richardplatz 12

One of the many pleasures when travelling - trying out all the different cuisine, obviously! We kept dining out to a minimum because money and because we're students with student budgets yada yada yada. Though on the occasion we did, we found some right little gems! i.e. Zuckerbaby! On a snowy morning (yes, it was that cold), this place drew us in with it's candle lit windows - it just screamed, "I'm warm, cozy and serve lots of nice food and hot drinks" to us, so going here was too hard to resist. We settled on the French toast served with syrup, fruit and almonds along with a cup of tea and coffee - delicious! I of course eyed up the rest of the menu and wish I could have bought one of everything. Gorgeous interiors, even more gorgeous food and the perfect place to while away a couple of hours.

Dunkin' Donuts - in a metro station somewhere in Berlin

 I just had to include this, I don't know if they have Dunkin' Donuts anywhere else (obviously I'm not cultured enough...) but damn the donuts were so good I just had to mention them. And they were cheap too.

Schiller Burger - Neukölln (but also other chains all over Berlin)

Delicious burgers of all kinds with delicious chunky chips and cool drinks to choose from. Need I say more?

Unfortunately, these are the only photos of food I managed to get, however, I do also recommend:

- Lagari
- and Cafe Dritter Raum: aka the croissanterie, for the best triple choc (white, dark and milk) pain au chocolates you've ever tasted.
- oh, and pretzels. Eat as many pretzels as you can.