The Year Ahead

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Yesterday I reflected back on what I achieved in 2015 but now it's time to think about what I hope to achieve over the next 11 months. With January exams and essays out the way, I can finally focus a little better on the year ahead!

I purchased this little planner above last year to get me motivated and organised with this blog once again and it seems to be working so far! The planner has everything blogger related from pages dedicated to wishlists, hauls, content ideas, notes and an inspiring quote before each month - I love it!

Anyway, on with my plans for 2016!

  • Work over the summer and see as many new places as possible.
  • I'd like to give more to others, help others and make others happier. I felt that in 2015 I was very lucky with my opportunities but on reflection i'd like to spend more time helping others out rather than helping myself.
  • Ideally, i'd like to pass 2nd year of university with a 2:1 (we'll seeeee). I also want to have a clearer idea of what i'll do after university by the end of the year...
  • Make my blog more successful and filled with good content than ever!
  • Have a great 2016, say yes and do new things!

And those are my 'resolutions', if you like. I didn't want to set myself anything too unrealistic that I know I won't keep to. Last year I made two very simple resolutions, to travel more and see more bands- and I did just that! It's important to write down your goals, look at them every so often to remind yourself what you're aiming towards then of course, look at them when the year is over and see what you managed to achieve...it can be really motivating!

So, what are your plans for 2016?

Lots of love, Lucie Rose x
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