The Anti-Bucket List 2015

Though we are almost a full month into 2016 (say whut), I thought I would do my own version of The "Anti-Bucket List" which I found over on WhatOliviaDid. I think it's the perfect way of kicking off this blog again for 2016 and onwards. Yep you heard me, i'm back for good and it feels a little bit weird if i'm honest. It's like I can't remember how to type anything other than an essay or references and this feels a little alien to me again. But I love my little space on the net and I don't want it to end so here I am! As they say it only takes about a month of doing something often to get into a habit of doing it, so hopefully by then it will feel as if I've never even left this blog!

The "Anti-Bucket List", in case you're wondering, is a way of reflecting back on the previous year and what you've already achieved, in short it's a little pat on one's back, if you like. How often do we focus on what we haven't done yet? Too often! We need to be praising ourselves for what we have done and how far we have come instead. So I hope that after this post, it encourages you to reflect back on what you have achieved, whether that was over the weekend, the day or the past year and you got your degree or decorated your room- whatever it is, write it down or just think back on it and I guarantee you'll realise you've came a lot further than you think!

And here we have it - my 2015 in a list!

  • So i'll start with the big 'un - I travelled to Asia (China to be precise) for the first time. The furthest i've ever been away from home and the longest flight i've ever been on. It was the scariest and most exciting experience i've had and I'm so glad I did it. 
  • While in China, of course I had to climb one of the many wonders of the world, the Great Wall. I also did this in 10000000% humidity, not easy folks.
  • I also learnt Tai Chi, tried delicious Chinese cuisine, attempted to learn the lingo, did Chinese calligraphy and made dumplings. 
  • I also visited Berlin (watch this space for a long awaited guide!), Bordeaux, Manchester, Aberystwyth, Leeds and visited London again for the first time in 8 years. I love going somewhere different so anywhere new is an achievement in my travels! (see all travel posts here)
  • I passed my first year at uni, ok not exactly with flying colours but I passed it despite spending a lot of my time eating and partying.
  • I saw some amazing new bands and discovered even better new music ie: Twin Peaks, TOPS, Foxygen, Lucy Rose, Alex Calder, The Parrotts, Tyler The Creator, Years & Years, The Orielles, Weyes Blood, Flaming Lips & several others at Liverpool Sound City.
  • I did my first ever face to face interviews for my blog! See here. Nerve wracking but a lot of fun.
  • I got myself a little part time volunteering job as a concert photographer thanks to a pal who encouraged me to do so.
  • I went to see a tv show be filmed for the first time ever, The University Challenge, and met the man behind the voice of the show (and yes he does pretty much speak the same way in real life).
  • I've started going to the gym regularly since September and have lost 10lbs so far...it's not been easy ain't gonna lie.
  • I started 2nd year at university and yes that is an achievement because at some points in first year I wasn't sure i'd even make it!
  • I fell more and more in love with Liverpool and did so many new things there! (see here)
  • I was in the same room as Shia Labeouf at the FACT. Is that an achievement? Idk
  • I visited the BBC studios for an open day in London and realised I want to work there more than anywhere else!
  • I got invited to two blogging events (read about them here and here) which made me as excited as a kid before Christmas.
  • And I loved 2015 more than any year ever.

Let me know if you do an anti-bucket list, i'd love to see it! And i'll see you again very soon with many more blog posts. I'm in it for the long run!

Lots of love, Lucie Rose x
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