Pros & Cons Of University

Being at university for about two years now, I feel i've gathered what the good, the bad and the ugly sides of it are. For those applying or considering applying, I hope this will help you decide by taking advice from someone that's been through it themselves and can give a somewhat clear point of view! Here goessss.

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  • University isn't just about going to do a degree, it's all the other shenanigans that come with it: the amazing people you meet, the parties, the socials, the societies, the opportunities! You will gain a lot by going to university that you wouldn't if you just stayed at home.
  • The obvious one: it looks good on your cv, duh. The fact you've dedicated 3 or more years of your time to studying a degree you're passionate about says that you're loyal and motivated, yaaa?
  • Student discounts. Maybe a less obvious one, but nevertheless an important one! Any bit of saved money, whether that's 20p or £10 makes me feel rich again.
  • Freedom! My parents have always let me be relatively independent but for those never having left home, this will be a big step! It allows you to do what you want whenever you want, to an extent though, your flatmates might not appreciate you walking around in your underwear either.
  • You may drink and may party a lot which is probably the best. Live it up, party till you pass out, no, i'm kidding- don't pass out, that's not a good idea. But have fun 'cause as a wise man once said, ahem, yolo.
  • You become an adult! Weeeey! 

  • The obvious one: the debt. Living costs, drinking costs, shopping, everything costs a lot and you begin to realise just how fast money goes when you're a student. But I guess that teaches you a lot and you learn how to handle money better, right? Well I won't lie, i'm still learning. Money will be a big learning curve for sure.
  • Homesickness - some may get this, some may not. I guess it all depends on how close you are to home and your family. I've always been a home bird so for me it was and is difficult. I pretended and hoped it wouldn't be but I got homesickness a lot, especially being so far from home. What can I say, i'm just a big baby and I can't help it.
  • Uni lad culture. Some of it can be funny/banter and some of it you just get fed up with. 'Where are all the intelligent, decent boys?' you ask yourself. 'I am at bloody university after all!' Don't lose hope, they are somewhere but it's probably not that guy over there chugging his 100th beer and doing some dreadful 'dad dancing'.
  • Feeling 'lost', in every sense of the word. Lost on campus and not being able to find where your lecture is, lost in terms of 'am I on the right course? should I even be at uni?' and lost making your transition from teen to *shudders* adult. But you will be FINE! Take my word for it.

There you go, my pros and cons: experiences may vary. I hope they were in some way helpful...

Lots of love, Lucie Rose x
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