Current Beauty Favourites

Well heeey there. It's been months since I last posted about my current beauty favourites so today's post is pretty chocka-blocka! I've bought quite a few (understatement) new make up and beauty items over the past few months which have now ended up being part of my daily make up routine and I couldn't imagine my make up bag without 'em! Here they are with a little review and photos of myself sampling the products. Enjoy!

First up is this bad boy, the MAC matchmaster concealer. I was on the hunt for a contouring stick, and was actually going to buy Illasmasqua's gel sculpt which, when I visited the store, they were already sold out in *boo*. So, I popped into MAC next door to see if they had something similar. One of the lovely artists gave this a try on me as their nearest equivalent. I think she actually surprised herself how well it worked as a contouring stick, and not just a concealer for darker skin and after that I was pretty much sold! To use I apply it along the hollows underneath my cheekbones, down the sides of my nose, on my jawline, around my forehead and temples. It's also really easy to blend with my fingers and gives a natural, contoured finish and actually makes me look like I have some sort of bone structure and not a potato face.

While in China I ran out of mascara so literally picked up the first one I saw, Maybeline Rocket Mascara. I'd never ready any previous reviews on the mascara so it was kinda, it's either gonna look good or it's just gonna look rubbish. Initially it was a bit 'wet' as new mascaras can be but after a few uses I was really pleased with the results. I curl my lashes beforehand (there is never a time I don't before putting on mascara) then apply as many coats of the mascara as needed, and it doesn't clump the more coats you apply either. It separates the lashes  and it adds so much length you'd think I was wearing falsies! I love it.

Is it illegal to be in love with a make up brush? Ok that's a bit far but, I bloody love it! I didn't like the hard/un-natural finish the brushes included with the Naked 2 palette left so I invested in this brush/magic wand to achieve a better finish. It's amazing! It is the softest brush i've ever used and leaves my eyeshadow beautifully blended and flawwwwless. I also use it for contouring and highlighting- it's a right little multi tasker!

4. Beauty Blender (bought in China) available here 

These beauty blenders have been all over the blogisphere lately so when I saw one while on my travels in China for 16RMB (£1.60) I had to nab it and see what all the fuss was about. It's now become a staple in my make up routine when blending foundation/concealer. It takes away those 'tide line' worries and also helps you get make up into those pesky areas like under your eyes and around your nose.

5 & 9 . MAC lipstick in Diva & Lady Danger

If you know me then you'll know I have a bit of an addiction to MAC's lipsticks so of course I bought some more colours to add to my lil collection. Diva is going to be my go-to lipstick for the next few months as it's the perfect autumnal shade, much darker than a red but with a hint of purple. Lady Danger was one of my favourites during the summer- it's lighter than my usual Russian Red with an orange undertone. It looked great with my tan (more on that below) but added a nice bright pop of colour with Summer clothes and looks especially good with blue denim.

 6. Nip N Fab 365 Body Glow Fix (free in magazine) available here

My sister gave this to me to try out as she's already naturally tanned as it is (some have all the luck) and I think she was hinting that I'm a bit on the pale/Caspar the friendly ghost side of things. I can't disagree... I don't tan well, it's a fact. This little gel product claims to give you a healthy looking glow within just 4 hours! I'm normally anti-fake tan nowadays after all the streaks that previous brands left as well as fake tan covered sheets and hours exfoliating and waiting but I think Nip n Fab has changed me! I won't lie, my first application was streaky- my bad for not exfoliating. However, after a few more practices it's actually left me with a healthy looking, natural glow! I can put on my clothes 5 mins after application which is a huge bonus. 

Late nights, early mornings and generally just not enough sleep has left me with sad looking wee eyebags. The solution: this magic golden beacon of wonderfulness. I think everyone and their dog knows about this concealer, it's been about for a long time now and has raving reviews to boot. Yes, it's slightly more on the expensive side but definitely worth the money! I use it on other imperfections such as my scarring from acne and it makes them practically invisible! Easy application, only requires a small amount and leaves you with illuminated, clear skin and completely eye-bag less.

I couldn't exactly photograph this in use, as it's a clear product and is used under foundation so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. I've been curious about it for ages as it's another one of those cult products which has been hailed by make up artists and customers all over so I took the plunge and got it. I definitely noticed a difference in the longevity and finish of my foundation. Instead of my foundation sinking into my skin towards the end of the day or coming off, the primer has actually helped it to stay put throughout a whole day and not budge. It gives my foundation a more professional, matte and flawless finish. The product is very light, completely invisible and you only need a small dot on each part of your face and that's it...wondaaful.

One of my favourite tricks to give that more wide-awake, fresh look to my make up is putting white liner on the water line of the eye. This pencil was cheap as chips and the colour is really pigmented too and doesn't require several applications. Note: be careful when applying to the waterline and don't poke your eye like I did, my eye was watering for 10 mins after (like a pro).

The best way to get a quick, even flick is with this liquid liner by Rimmel. The felt tip applicator makes for a super easy application and allows you to shape and build up your flick to your liking. This is by far my favourite liquid liner as it only takes about 5 minutes to get the perfect cat eye and it doesn't budge for hours either.

Looking like someone stole my last chip.

I love seeing what products other bloggers use and when this popped up on my Instagram feed I was rather intrigued indeed. I went onto read its reviews online and every single person said how amazing it was...easily swayed as I am and I clicked 'add to cart' woopsie. Anything that will make the condition of my skin better and I'm always ready to give it a go! I really love it and would recommend it to everyone with sensitive, acne prone skin. I use it every morning before putting on make up as it wakes up my face and leaves it feeling super smooth and grease free. The best thing about this product is that unlike other exfoliators, the beads are so tiny that you don't feel like the product is scratching your skin at all. You only need a pea sized amount for the whole face so the product goes far and you get your moneys worth.

For aaaages I had been looking for the solution to get the perfect matte lip. I tried some tips and tricks that I found online like using lipstick with powder on top but nothing really left that real, professional looking, matte finish that I was after. Thank the make up gods for Lime Crime! Velvetine goes on liquid but dries within a few seconds to matte- it's like make up magic, kids. As well as that, the brush applicator is the right size to apply straight to the lips leaving a perfectly even finish and allowing you to get the product into the more difficult parts but not getting it all around your mouth either. The Red Velvet shade is the perfect shade to accompany a clean, casual look with jeans and a white tee or with an LBD for a more special occasion. All the other shades are just as beautiful, I want them all.

Here's a lil collage where the mascara, matte lipstick, white liner, foundation primer, beauty blender, contour stick, concealer and eye blender brush were all used and help make me look human- not much of a natural beaut unfortunately.

With Autumn on it's way, the mornings are a lot chillier which means chapped lips, yey. My favourite lip balm of the moment is Burts Bees which nourishes the lips and is also, as it says on the tin, refreshing because of it's pink grapefruit scent. It smells good enough to eat, no lie.

What are your current beauty favourites?

Lots of love, Lucie Rose x
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