Travel | Where Have You Been?

Well hey there. So as you may or may not know, I have been in China- that's where! Which is why i've neglected the lil blog for a while. The internet over there is quite frankly - awful. Google is blocked, Facebook is blocked...basically all the main sites I use everyday. So instead of trying to write blog posts with a VPN that turns off randomly and Wifi that cuts out every 10 minutes (any bloggers worst nightmare) I decided to wait until my return and recover from my 2 hour taxi ride, 11 hour flight and 3 hour train journey before I wrote any posts. So I thought i'd just get back into the blogging lark nice n gently and say a little hello before I get onto telling you about my 4 week trip round China!

Here's a cliché photo of me looking happy as Larry at the Great Wall. Stay tuned if you want to see more photos like this, and of course lots of photos of food, China in all its glory and what I got up to.

Lots of love, Lucie Rose x
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