A Saturday In Nanjing

Friday, August 28, 2015
My four weeks in China were pretty much non-stop and the weekends were no exception. Despite us feeling tired enough to sleep for two days straight we got our tourist hats on again and booked a train to Nanjing for the day. We were there in just under two hours and had a short but sweet day ahead of us to cram in as much as we could. 

Before we did anything, we made a quick break for some food. After walking around for a while then realising we were in the fish restaurant area (which most of us didn't fancy) we settled on a cheap (we're talking about £2) lunch so you can't complain really and it filled us up nicely before some exploring. Afterwards we headed to our first destination- the Presidential Palace!

It was a massive space to explore and brush up on some Chinese culture in lovely surroundings...you forgot that you were actually in a huge, modern city with skyscrapers and yellow cabs outside...(think someone's being copying NYC heh). It was of course heaving with tourists so it wasn't the easiest place to explore without nearly getting your eyes poked out with a selfie stick here and there. I would recommend going early to avoid the crowds (if such a thing is possible in China)...

However, the garden parts were pretty chilled without too many people so you could easily sit and take in the gorgeous greenery and grab a few Instagram-worthy shots eheh!

A few metro rides and a toy train car (we're big kids at heart) later and we arrived at our second stop- The Purple Mountain.

I wasn't expecting the 10000 billion steps to the top and it certainly wasn't the easiest in the tropical heat but it was SO worth it for the views. The pictures really don't do it justice but it was honestly breeeathtaking.

Wasn't lying about the incredible views was I?

Because my sassy fan went everywhere with me in China.

We grabbed some food at the station in one of the nearby restaurants where I had my favourite thing in the world (aka dumplings) and the rest I'm not even sure what I ordered. Sometimes you think pointing at a picture will work but then you realise you've ordered something and you have no clue what it is, sh*t happens unfortunately but on the positive side, I still had dumplings. 

And lastly, if you ever go to China, try this drink (and also send me over a cart full)...I probably had almost a bottle a day and I absolutely love the stuff. It's ice tea with a hint of lemon and my god why didn't I bring any home. 

So today was a slightly shorter post but I have a nice lengthy one coming up from my weekend in Beijing so stay tuned if you want to find out about what I got up to and what I did when I missed my train back to Suzhou and spent overnight alone in Beijing (yeah, woops.)

Lots of love, Lucie Rose x