Liverpool Sound City 2015 | Day Three

Friday, June 12, 2015
Here we are with day three of Sound City! I'd already been feeling pretty ill the week before so come the Sunday I was feeling pretty worn out so only managed to see a few bands and ended up leaving early, my ears had pretty much had enough too.

I managed to see Canadian band, Single Mothers, which in all honesty, weren't completely my cup of tea and bit too 'heavy' but still entertaining nonetheless! Also, does anyone else think the front man looks like Alan from The Hangover? Just me?
The Cribs! This is the only shot I managed to get as it was near enough impossible to get to the front, really need to get myself one of those photographers passes next year...

However! They were amazing and it's really rekindled my love for the band so I've been listening to them a lot ever since. It was the rowdiest I'd seen the crowd the whole weekend with several people falling over the barrier from crowd surfing and then doing it all over again which some guy did, as I saw him go over the barrier about 5 times and come back into the crowd again...
And here is myself, because well, I guess it's nice to make this blog a bit more personal once in a while. I seem to be looking pretty chuffed with myself, mainly with the fish & chips I think. As well as a fish & chip van, there were plenty of quirky food stalls to everyone's taste such as a noodle bar, hot dog bar, burger bar, and more. FYI: These chips were the best fish and chips I've ever tasted...I may or may have not also had them the day before...
Another new band I discovered was Fizzy Blood from Leeds who was playing in one of the small tents on the festival attracted quite an audience with people spilling out of the tent standing on their tip-toes (ie. me), trying to get a look at who was behind the music. They took the show outside onto the festival site, as you can see from above, which attracted even more of an audience and made for a perfect photo opportunity for me heh. Would definitely recommend seeing them!
Lastly, I caught a bit of Edinburgh's finest, The Merrylees who finished off the weekend very nicely.
And that's a wrap! Liverpool Sound City was such a great, unforgettable experience. It's a great festival to discover new, diverse acts in a brilliant city and beautiful location without the hassle of camping. I'm so glad I decided to get tickets and go despite exams looming not long afterward...even if I fail (touch wood) at least I can say I saw Wayne Coyne wearing a green rubber ring frog on his head.

Lots of love, Lucie Rose x