Liverpool Sound City 2015 | Day One

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Liverpool Sound City is an annual music festival and music conference that takes place over three days in May. It was started way back in the year 2008 but up until this year, bands played in different venues scattered around Liverpool. Now, Sound City has upped their game and moved the festival site to the Bramley Moore Docks, a perfect destination for a festival if you ask me.

Despite it being the weekend before my exams (whoopsie) I knew it would be an event not to be missed with its whopper of a line up eg. Flaming Lips, The Cribs, Spector, The GOASTT...I mean c'maaaan I couldn't miss out on this opportunity when it's happening a 5-minute bus ride away from me, could I?! Exactly, no. So I put on my dancing shoes and armed myself with my mahoosive camera to capture the event in all its glory and it was a pretty spectacular event indeed.

The festival only cost me a cheeky £65 for the three days which was pretty reasonable and not too much of my student allowance. The festival is in good walking distance from the town center but for lazy people, like myself, there is also a bus that takes you straight to the site-perfect! The festival began from early afternoon right on through till the early hours of the morning with various acts playing in the different stages on the site.
There was also a band merchandise tent with plenty of vinyl to flick through for any record fans. I spent most of my time walking from band to band and dropping in on certain bands that took my fancy which made for some great new music discoveries!
Above are a few shots from the set by France's very own 'Blondie' Hollysiz. She sings in English with a slight French accent making for an original and surprisingly good show that I think me and everyone else enjoyed. I fancied the guitarist though so maybe I'm biased.
These are some photos taken inside at the Baltic Stage which was one of my favourite locations of the weekend where I witnessed some music magic taking place heh. There was also a little chill-out area at the back of the warehouse where you could grab a drink, tea, or some food and still enjoy the music from afar. I bobbed along to punk/grunge band Bad Meds before heading back out to catch a few other bands... 
The photo above is when I caught YAK's set which was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed their music and followed them on Spotify straight away so I could relive their set over and over again. I definitely think they are set for big things ahead...just have a little listen on Spotify here yourself, your ears will thank you.
Spector who caused a bit of unexpected moshing and also where I realised Fred Macpherson was probably the most fashionable front man I've ever seen.
And as we attempted to leave later in the evening, to catch The Orielles at Studio 2, we were stuck in a traffic jam with some Brazilian dancers with feathers and glitter everywhere...there was basically something to see or listen to everywhere you went at Sound City!

It was a great first day even though it ended pretty early, but hey, I had exams to revise for so I had to have a balance between the two!

Stay tuned for day two of Sound City tomorrow...