Dress: H! By Henry Holland (from charity shop for £4.99) | Denim jacket: MOTO at Topshop | Trainers: H&M | Sunglasses: H&M (from Ebay)

This is what I wore on  a recent trip to London on Thursday. Me and my friend decided to rinse out our 16-25 railcards for all their worth and take advantage of all the free time we have with university being finished for the summer (did I mention that i'm on summer holidays already?! yeah ok I did). It was 25 degrees so I had no choice but to get the pins out, despite their pale, pastiness...but I guess a tan's gotta start somewhere?! I bought this dress at a charity shop and it's Henry Holland! For £4.99! So of course I bought it. The little pink H! adds a pop of colour to the dress and it makes for a great outfit that can be taken from day to night. 

Also how cool is this background? This was just off Brick Lane where there were tons of street art to admire. PS. Please ignore my strange poses/pouting, thank you.

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow about my day in LDN!
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