Sunday, May 10, 2015
Liverpool is often remembered as the city of the Beatles, the Albert Docks, football, and the nightlife but also it's avant-garde music scene which I think is definitely up there with the best in the UK. 

I'm normally the type that will only go to concerts and gigs of bands I know but lately have been finding a lot more pleasure in going to see bands I've actually never heard of before. I'm not sure what it is, but I think it maybe not having any expectations or knowledge of the band that makes it a lot more exciting. It's definitely a surprise when the band is totally not what you imagined. Foxygen was exactly that. The Californian psychedelic pop and garage rock band consist of Sam France on vocals, Jonathan Rado on guitar and keyboard, Shaun Fleming on drums alongside their 3 fronting singers (like backing singers but they were at the front of the stage...) donning short sparkly dresses and 3 other guitar/bass players... it was a pretty busy stage, to say the least. 

All photos taken by me on a Canon EOS 600D and edited on Photoscape

Foxygen definitely gave me a birthday to remember and an experience I'll never forget. Have you listened to Foxygen lately?