The Metquarter Press Day | House Of CB

Sunday, April 26, 2015

As promised, part 1 of my mini-series about my recent, and first-ever, blogger event at Liverpool's Metquarter shopping center! One of the shops I was invited along to discover was House Of CB (or originally called Celeb Boutique). My first impressions of the shop were glamour, elegance, and sophistication (...and also that I just wanted to buy the whole bloody shop). 

House Of CB was started by London-based entrepreneur, Conna Walker. She started off buying and selling clothes on Ebay at the age of 17 then it escalated from there and House Of CB was born! It's already a huge hit with the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Lopez, and many more... pretty impressive already selling to celebrity clients at the young age of 21. You can see a quick interview with the business lady herself here!

A lovely girl of House Of CB talked to me about the latest additions to the brand and what to look out for this Spring/Summer '15. They have added a whole new range of leather bags, stylish purses as well as makeup bags, quality make up brush set, big chunky chains, and cute compact mirrors. One of my favourite items being the set of 3 make up bags which come in a range of different colours and prints and it's only at the cheeky price of £29 for the whole lot! They can double up as clutch bags for a night out or carry on travel bags for your holidays this summer. You can see them on their website here!

House Of CB is the ideal shop to go if you're looking for an outfit for that special occasion because not only can you find the perfect dress, you can also get your clutch bag, heels, and bra to go with it. They also do jeans, jackets, accessories and gorgeous swimwear, beach towels, and bags.

I really love how Conna has specialized in designing flattering, figure-hugging dresses that make you feel and look good, like these dresses pictured below.

The items are a lot more expensive than your average street store, but then again, this isn't your average high street store. The clothes, especially the figure-hugging dresses, are made with top quality fabric and are made to fit perfectly. The lovely shop assistant that showed me round told me that one of the best sellers is the iconic bandage dress (pictured above) which guarantees to disguise every lump and bump but flatters all your assets and it comes in several colours too.

I will definitely be making a trip back myself to get a dress for my birthday as the lovely people at House Of CB gifted me with a 50% off any dress which is pretty exciting for me as I've never owned a dress like the ones in House Of CB...I'm more of a 'wear the same dress for a new nights out' kind of girl (student budget, unfortunately). I am totally hooked and had a great time looking round (and developing some serious dress envy).

Psst! This particular store at the Metquarter is currently doing 3 dresses for £120, which is a real bargain considering most dresses alone are around £100 each (you're welcome).

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!