The Checkered Trouser

Denim shirt & crop top: New Look | Trousers: Primark (similar here) | Doc Marten 'Clarissa' Sandals c/o MotelRocks | Elephant choker necklace: Resurrection, Liverpool | Sunglasses: Vintage from a carboot sale

Since I'm living back in the UK the majority of the time now for uni, I have been paying a few (guilty) visits to Primark as of late and surprised at some of the amazing little gems they have in there at the moment, including these high-waisted, checkered trousers that I got for under £20, and are of really good quality! They're the perfect way to jazz up an outfit a little bit during the day with sandles/pumps/converse or at night with some heels, a biker jacket and a slick of red lippy. They're a classic style of trouser that has been in fashion for ages, just look at this picture of Marilyn Monroe looking as sassy as ever in her own pair of checkered trousers.

I paired them with this basic ribbed crop top to flash a little tummy and this classic blue denim Shirt both from New Look which adds a pop of colour to the look. The 'John Lennon' style glasses are there merely as an accessory as when wearing them my dad agreed that I looked like one of the blind mice from Shrek. I think i'll end the post there with that image fresh in your mind. Till next time!
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