My favourite celebrity couples...

Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren
A legendary couple that revolutionised the fashion world forever.

Audrey Hepburn & Mel Ferrer
Because she is my favourite actress and this photo is too cute for words.

Mick Jagger & Bianca Jagger
Could they look any cooler? I mean seriously.

Bonnie & Clyde
One of my favourite on-screen couples. 

David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton
An iconic photographer and his muse-the dream.

Alexa Chung & Alex Turner
Even though I think Alex Turner is a cocky so and so now, these two were still the perfect combo of style, sass and good looks.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Because I couldn't not include these two.

Johnny Depp & Kate Moss
A couple that look like they were pretty much sent from the gods.

Keith Richards & Patti Hansen
Anyone from The Rolling Stones no matter who they're with, will be cool, let's be honest.

Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall
A couple with too many good looks for their own good.

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds
Just think how beautiful their baby will be. Just LOOK at them.

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
Yes, yes and yes. Need I say more?

Brigitte Bardot & Roger Vadim

Jimi Hendrix & Kathy Etchingman
'Cause any woman that was in a relationship with the Hendrix was the luckiest lady on the planet.

Who are your favourite celebrity couples?
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