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You know when you discover a new band or artist that you've never ever heard of then all of sudden you are playing their songs multiple times a day and you just can't get enough of them? This is kinda what happened to me with the Chicago band- Twin Peaks, consisting of vocalists and guitarists Cadien James & Clay Frankel, bassist Jack Dolan, drummer Connor Brodner and newest 5th member, Colin Croom. As part of their UK tour, the garage punk/rock band set out to play a bunch of DIY gigs in 'top secret' venues, so secret that I wouldn't have known it was happening until my friend told me there was this amazing band playing and that I had to go. 

So, I arrived late to the venue (as usual for me) on Seel Street in Liverpool...which was basically in the basement of some guys student house. I arrived, out of breath (I ran there) and asked the guys outside if this was the right place for 'the Twin Peaks gig', which I probably asked to one of the members of the band themselves (as I had no idea who they were or what they looked like) *cringeeeee*. I went ahead and knocked on the door where I was greeted with the impatient doorman (as I was the last on the guest list to arrive)...the strangest way I've ever entered any gig, if i'm honest. I met my friend inside and we headed down to the basement where you literally had to squeeze past people to get into the room where the music was happening. It was pretty packed to say the least - people head banging to the loud bass that filtered through the hallway, cans of beer & cigarettes in hand...

The night kicked off with two support acts then Twin Peaks came on around 11pm and the room very quickly filled up in anticipation for their set... it was literally so packed that I was leaning on whoever was beside me and I was right next to Clay (not bragging or anything...). They played a selection of old and new songs (well, to me they were all new) including my now favourites, Making Breakfast, Flavor and Good Lovin' off their latest album 'Wild Onion', to name a few. Quite quickly I got into the whole moshing/head banging thing - cause when you're in that situation, you just have to go with it really. I can safely say that amongst my top favourite gigs so far, this is right up there at number 1. I think there was something more intimate (even though that word makes me cringe) about a DIY gig...Twin Peaks took down that barrier that you normally have at a concert when you feel so far away from the band that you can't properly connect with them but here - we were all connecting with them, singing with them - whilst they shared their cans of beer and cigarettes with the crowd. It was a pretty surreal yet amazing experience.

Photo by Alex Trasmundi |

After we spoke a little with some of the guys themselves and thanked them for putting on a great show, they set off on their tour bus to finish off the rest of their UK tour whilst me and my friend were basically screaming internally 'take us with you pleaseeee!'. They've basically turned me into a fangirl that I never thought i'd be again since my Mcfly/Busted teenage days. I downloaded their album on Spotify pretty much as soon as I got back from the gig and i've been playing it non-stop since. I can't wait till they play a gig in Liverpool again - I will snap that ticket up like it's the last gig i'll ever see. 

Here's a video to end the post of my favourite Twin Peaks song 'Making Breakfast', performed at the Cereal Killer café in London-think Rolling Stones/the Strokes vibes and Bowie/Bolan influences with a Chicago twist.

You can find all updates for Twin Peaks on their Facebook page here, Twitter here and website here. Till next time!
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