Review | Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

"A must have", "the holy grail of beauty products", "miracle product", "skin saver"...those are just to name a few dazzling reviews about this cult beauty product. I've been wanting to get my hands on this for far too long after seeing several celebs naming it their go-to product or 'must have' item in their beauty bag...I couldn't help wonder, what is the hype all about? I've had many troubles myself with my skin since I became a teen and it hasn't let up...from acne, to sensitive skin, to dry skin...I've had a fair share of skin issues so something that could help cure any of this will be my best friend.

This cream claims to sooth, restore, calm and relieve chapped, cracked, dry skin and also sooth roughness, redness and minor skin irritations...and if one product can guarantee to do all this, then i'm sold! So far, i've only used it a few times (it was only bought a few days ago with a birthday cheque I meant to cash in forever ago...disclaimer to my mum so she doesn't think i'm spending my student loan on this) but i've seen very positive results. I've recently had horribly sore and chapped lips from this bitterly cold British weather we've been having so I applied a small amount to my lips before bed and it was like an overnight miracle happened! I woke up with completely healed, soft and no longer stingy sore lips- yippee! I'm also using it on my scarring from acne and am awaiting some results from that. The consistency is rather sticky so is best not to be applied in the morning (unless you plan to stay in bed all day and not wear any make up).  It's also great for brow shaping and sticking those pesky hairs into place, soothing sunburn or smoothing your nails and cuticles. It basically solves all those annoying little beauty problems we all get in a flash!

The lovely ladies at the Elizabeth Arden counter at John Lewis Liverpool One said that it's even recommended by doctors so if that doesn't completely sell it for you, then I don't know what will! Expensive but worth the splurge if you want to give yourself some beauty TLC.

Have you tried the famous 8 hour cream yet?
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