Common Misconceptions About Bloggers

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I stumbled upon this rather interesting and truthful post over on Fashion Flux and was inspired to write my own take on some common misconceptions about bloggers with a few of my own personal experiences thrown in there for good measure. I've seen far too much hate for bloggers and I think some things need to be put straight and we need to get rid of that hate (poet and I didn't even know it). So for any would-be/current bloggers or just people that want to know more about bloggers in general (bloggers is starting to not look like a word anymore after writing it so many times)...then read on. 

Misconception no.1: Blogging isn't a job

If you're working hard, doing something you love, that makes you happy AND you're making a living from it- in my eyes, it is a job. The top bloggers out there do work very hard at their job, it's not all cocktails and fashion shows all the time! Yes, blogging doesn't necessarily require a degree to get there nor do you need to be employed but most bloggers are self-employed and that takes some commitment to motivate yourself and be your own boss everyday. After reading a certain article about Zoella, I just thought, why are some journalists so angry and bitter about her success? She is basically doing what tons of beauty editors, fashion editors and journalists in magazines do anyway but she got there by herself without a specific degree or other job. Her videos and blog posts promote similar content as a lot of magazines do...young girls or boys that are interested in working in this particular industry should look up to people like this because it's truly inspiring that there are other possibilities and different ways to get your dream job and blogging/Youtube provides that platform to express your diverse creativity! 

Misconception no.2: Bloggers are vain, overly confident all the time and only care about how they look

I really want to stress particularly on this one as it couldn't be more wrong. After some awkward posing, picture taking, editing and thinking 'hmm, should I really post these?'- I went and posted my first outfit post on my blog back in around 2013. I felt pretty exposed and nervous but I didn't let this stop me as I want to express my love for fashion, i'm not trying to "show off", I have a lot of insecurities about my appearance. Perhaps there are some bloggers out there that are super confident (please tell me your secret!) but that has probably been gained through blogging itself as I have found over a bit of time my confidence has grown a bit and I started giving less of sh*t what people would think of me. I have been and still am quite a bit, overly self conscious of how I look and what people think of me but I feel that by blogging pictures of myself, styled in my own clothes- I've gained confidence in myself over the time I've been blogging. When I'm posting pictures of myself, I'm basically saying- this is me and you can like it or lump it. It's easy to think that people who are willingly posing in front of a camera must love how they look all the time but it's not really the case- the main focus for me is always about the clothes/subject of the post and just having a bit of fun! Away from the camera I am not constantly made-up and dressed fact, the majority of the time i'm slobbing about in my joggers looking like crap. So... YEAH, bloggers aren't always as confident as they appear in their photos and on their blog/vlogs. If you are confident with yourself and posing on your blog, well that's fantastic because you should be! I say go ahead and strut your stuff on that blog because models do it in our magazines and on our TV's everyday so why shouldn't we?!

Misconception 3: Bloggers are only in it for the money

I can say this truly and honestly for the majority of bloggers- money isn't the first thing we thought about when we started our blogs. I started mine purely out of boredom and need to find somewhere to express all the crap that goes on in my head and share it with everyone, how lovely of me. It's understandable that people may think that money is what blogging is all about when bloggers do sponsored posts or receive freebies right, left and centre but it didn't start out that way for anyone. Most bloggers started out with reviews on products bought with their own money (and still do) or outfit posts with clothes from charity shops and car boot sales (*cough* me)...I started my blog because I genuinely love everything beauty, fashion, reviews etc. not because of money (not that I've been making any out of it anyway). That said, if one day that ever happens (if there is a god) then I'm sure it would be a nice bonus considering there is a lot of time that goes into blogging. For me, and probably most bloggers too (as cheeeeeeesy as it sounds)-the happiness you get from blogging, the lovely people you meet in the fun blogging community and the cool experiences you get from blogging is way, way more important than money. #deep

Misconception no.4: Blogging must be really easy to do

I wish! I can get rather frustrated seeing other bloggers putting posts up all the time, being so filled with ideas and time to do things while I'm busy doing uni work or just with other things going on to really put effort and time into my blog. For me, for a blog to succeed- you really have to put your all into it. It doesn't have to be perfect at first but you do need to be consistent or your blog could end up like a stagnant puddle lost amongst the interweb. So all the bloggers you do see with sponsored posts galore, freebies and going to fancy schmancy events with cocktails and cupcakes- well, they've probably worked their butt off for it for a long time. Success and luck don't just come like that- you have to work hard for it...there's editing, research, writing, picture taking, awkward posing (or is that just me?), putting the post together, social media sharing, promoting- the list goes on. Blogging covers several types of jobs that normally different people would be assigned to do in a company, and bloggers do it all. It isn't easy but definitely pays off if you work hard at it.

I WISH THAT I COULD BAKE A CAKE WITH RAINBOWS AND SMILES AND WE'D ALL EAT IT AND BE HAPPY. (mean girls quote anyone?)- basically what I want to say is, let's try to stop being bitter and mean about bloggers and instead, be inspired and proud of them because we're awesome, ok?

I hope you enjoyed this post and please tell me your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below- I'd love to hear your view on this! Till next time...
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