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I've mentioned Benefit before many a times on my blog, but I won't hesitate to mention them again 'cause quite frankly, I can't get enough of this brand. Every time I come across a Benefit counter, I am literally DRAWN to it...partly because it's decked out in pretty pink colours which remind me something of a sweet shop back when I was a 'lil one. These are the Benefit products I currently have and love but obviously there are many more Benefit products I love, just can't really afford. Yes, let's not lie folks, Benefit is slightly more expensive than your average brand BUT I do really think that it is worth the splurge whether that be on yourself or a gift for a loved one. I once received the Coralista blusher for my 14th birthday and had it for 3 years following, so the money spent is always well worth it...and I'm not going to lie, it did break my heart a little to throw it out after all that time- sad, I know. 

I use all these products daily in my make up routine and they make that real difference to my overall make up look. The facial emulsion preps my skin for make up application leaving it soft and moisturised, followed by the pore fessional which mattifies and controls shine, followed by lemon aid on the eyelids and redness areas, a dotting of girl meets pearl down the nose and on brow bones to add a little shimmer and brow zings which, quite frankly, makes me look human again and leaves my eyebrows looking perfectly sculpted and shaped- hurrah!

Benefit was started up by the wonderful Indiana twins, Jane and Jean Ford whose mantra is "make up doesn't have to be serious to look good" and this is exactly why I love Benefit so much- they put the fun back into make up and it's made applying make up a lot more enjoyable and more of a creative process for me (just a slightly more expensive one).

How about you, are you a huge Benefit fan too?
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