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Ok so I'm going to admit it, I'm weak. I'm weak when someone says "would you like a biscuit with your cuppa?", I'm weak when someone offers me a slice of pizza and I'm weak when going through duty free at airports. Hence why I ended up buying a few Benefit goodies on my journey home from Liverpool for Christmas (but hey it was Christmas!). I was on the hunt for a new brow kit, but then also ended up getting a concealer as I have terrible dark circles...and was also intrigued by UK's no.1 selling primer for the last 3 years- the POREfessional. The beauty consultant said if I spent around £50 I'd get a free gift so of course, I left with more than intended, and a free gift too *yey*...anyway, like I said, I'm weak and I love Benefit.

Here is what I got:

First off, Brow Zings. Up until purchasing this, I was using an eyebrow pencil which worked alright but I found always left my make up looking un natural and my eyebrows just looked a tad fake and drawn on (which they literally were...). I was looking for a product that left a natural, polished look which is when Brow Zings came along and answered my make up prayers! The kit comes in light, medium and dark, my hair being a dark brown I went for medium.

The kit includes a wax, a powder, a hard angle brush, mini tweezers (which are aaamazing) and a mirror. At first I was a little sceptical and unsure how to use the kit as I'm used to using a simple pencil but after a few tries, I got the hang of it! I brush my brows first with a separate brow brush then I use the wax with the hard angle brush which puts all those pesky little hairs into place (and they stay put all day), then, to fill in any gaps, I use the powder with the blending brush followed by the tweezers to get rid of any strays. An eyebrow sensation!
Considering the POREfessional primer is the exact same price as the It's about prime kit which includes the primer and a mini travel sized moisturiser, it was a no brainer to buy the kit instead. The Triple performing face emulsion moisturiser is a nice light consistency and smells great leaving my skin nicely moisturised- the only negative being that it's a bit tricky to get out of the bottle.

This is the first time I've ever invested in a primer and about time I did! Priming your face is one of the keys to have good looking skin and a good base for your make up. The lovely Benefit assistant informed me that it actually includes silicone hence the lovely silky feel of the balm. It leaves my skin free of all shine and leaves a silky smooth touch, all ready for make up application.

A few months of uni have involved many late nights and even earlier starts for lectures, which have all taken their toll on my eye bags. Lemon Aid is the perfect answer to dark circles and redness. The concealer works well on it's own or as a great base for eye shadow which helps it to stay in place all day long! It comes in a cute little compact with mirror so can be used on the go to touch up throughout the day. Lemon Aid is light and easy to use and makes my eyes look refreshed as if I've had 8 hours sleep (even when I've only had about 4). I've been scrolling through the Benefit website while doing this post and I'm already lusting after other products...they are just one of my favourite brands. Not only are the products of fantastic quality but come in thee cutest packaging. It's official, I'm a self confessed Benefit-aholic.

Which Benefit products do you like?
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