Christmas Haul 2014

Well hello there! How are you all? Wow, it feels strange (and nice) to be sat back in front the computer and blogging again! The past few months have been super busy for me but my first semester of university has finally come to an end (well, over a week ago now). The only times I've been able to sit in front of a computer has been mainly for essays, researching (and the occasional cheeky scroll through Facebook). I spent a few miserable nights at the library till midnight cramming in essays that were due only a few days after (which I will never do again let me tell you) so blogging has been completely neglected- something I will not let happen again in 2015! It's so nice to be home for the holidays and relax after a whirlwind few months in Liverpool.

Anyway- on with the post, as last years Christmas haul was such a success (it still gets views to this day!)...I thought I'd do a round up on all the things I got this if you're looking for future gift ideas, just want to treat yourself....or like me, are just generally nosey- then this post is for you, enjoy!

The stocking fillers!

I always love a new beauty or hair care product so I was over the moon when I unwrapped this Percy & Reed wonder balm. It claims to shine, moisturise, smoothen and define your hair and I can't wait to try it out. Primark is the perfect place for stocking fillers because you can find lovely little trinkets for just as little prices which will put a smile on anyone's face- like this gorgeous pair of earrings and classic diamante necklace did for me! I love a little quote- something you can read everyday or in times when you need a little positivity so a cute magnet like the one I got is perfect for a loved one too (it translates to "Happiness isn't a destination but a beautiful journey that lasts our whole life", all together now! "awwwwww")

I am a make up HOARDER so this diamante encrusted make up tool, Marilyn Monroe compact mirror and (£1!!!) falsies are my new favourite additions to my make up bag.

The big 'uns!

*Screams internally* I finally have my own copy of the long awaited and anticipated 'Girl Online'!!! Girl Online is written by Zoella, the first ever blogger I discovered before beginning my very own blog. I've already started reading it and I'm pretty hooked already. I've seen far too many articles around the interweb (I'm looking at you, Daily Mail) criticizing this book, saying it wasn't all written by Zoella, which I was fully aware of anyway. Zoe never started her blog intending to become an author but she had the idea for the story and I think that's pretty darn important too. I'm genuinely just amazed at where blogging has got people, it's inspiring!

I'm normally one of those people that only likes the more well known, branded perfumes...silly I know! Well, after receiving this floral delight, L'echappée Belle- I don't think i'll be swayed so much by the brand anymore because this perfume smells gorgeous and it's super inexpensive too! It has a lovely light, floral and fruity smell that is perfect for the spring/summer season ahead or for during the day to give you the perfect pick me up.

"Lucie, do you really need another necklace in your life?" YES. Yes, because you can never have too many necklaces in your life. This multi-coloured, bright neon, Cleopatra-esque beauty is from my lovely sister and boy does she know me well! It was bought in a small boutique store in Limoges (which she can't remember the name of...) but cause I love you guys so much I searched high and low online for as similar as I could find (I really tried guys), by Zara, which you can see by clicking here.

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter! C'mon, everyone remembers that video. Eeee, I finally own it all on dvd, every single one of them. Now, I'm not one of those craycray Harry Potter fans that knows all the characters names and the story by heart but I've always loved it and it's a reminder of my childhood and for some reason, the perfect kind of film to watch around Christmas time. It's a classic movie and you'll still want to watch it in years to come.

Perfect party colours for the festive period, and this little set is from Primark. I'm already wearing the purple shade and it reminds me of the Cadbury's brand...mmm, chocolate.

I decided to be overly-cautious with my suitcase and ended up wasting 4kg worth of space so really, bringing my slippers wouldn't have been going 'overboard'. Luckily, my mum bought me a cute little pair from Primark (the exact same pair I have in Liverpool...) so now I have a pair in both my homes-perfect! I'm currently wearing them now and they are SO comfy!

SOCKS, GLORIOUS SOCKS. You just can't go wrong with a good pair of socks at Christmas. These are from Primark (again...) and are super comfy and stylish too.

A wonderful little book with gorgeous pictures and everything about the famous actress, Marilyn Monroe. For my film studies course, we analysed 'My week with Marilyn' and ever since then, I've become pretty fascinated by her and why still to this day she is such an iconic woman so I can't wait to get dug into this book! This particular book is in French but if you don't parler français, then here are some great English written alternatives here.

The Tate Liverpool is currently doing an Andy Warhol exhibition (more info here) which I am yet to visit but while my mum and dad were over to see me they made a cheeky stop at the gift shop after the exhibition and splurged on a few goodies including this notepad with the famous pop art drawing of Marilyn herself. It's perfect for a diary, to do lists, doodling or taking down notes in lectures to make your stationery set a bit more jazzy.

CHOCOLATE CADBURY BUTTONS. What more is there to be said here? Oh and a little polaroid of me with presents and a cuppa in hand on Christmas morning.

Dun dun dunnnnn! So, I saved the best for last. My first ever record player (by BigBen Sound) *screams* & *dances with joy*. I've always wanted to own a record player myself because I just love the retro sound and I've been eager to finally play my dad's old records (Pink Floyd's Ummagumma, Led Zeppelin I, David Bowie etc) so to now have my own is a delight! I've gotten pretty lazy with music, just downloading bad quality tracks or settling for whatever's in the charts so I think using vinyl makes me appreciate music more. My dad's taught me the correct way (or a ritual as he calls it!) to handle vinyls- taking it out it's inner sleeve, placing it on the player properly, handling it by the edges, flipping it round for the other side of the vinyl and how to correctly use the needle...which involves a lot more discipline for me than just flicking a switch on my Ipod and clicking a button. It just makes the whole process of listening to music more enjoyable! Liverpool has a great music scene and record stores scattered everywhere so I can finally buy some and have somewhere to play them, yey!

So, that's a wrap for this year. I hope you all had a fantastic day, ate wonderful food and spent time with your loved ones! What did you get this year? If anyone else has done a haul, do leave a link in the comments below as i'm a nosey so and so I'd love to see them!
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